Thymian is looking for a new, loving home


Thymian (Timmy) is a beautiful European Shorthair who joined our household in July of this year. He’s friendly, loving and very sweet. Unfortunately, we cannot take care of him any longer – his relationship with our other cat, Salbei, ist very strained. Neither cats are happy with the current situation, it is likely that Thymian would do far better as a single cat in a household.

We’re looking for someone with a big heart and a (yet) cat-less house to take Thymian in. He is around 10 years old and has a chronic kidney condition; with the right diet he will live several more years. He is neutered, de-wormed and is chipped.

If you are patient, have a big heart, love cats and can give Thymian care and attention as an only cat in your household, please consider adopting him. We fear that if we cannot find him a home and will have to return him to the shelter, they will not be able to support his kidney condition.

We would like to find him a new home as soon as possible. We can give him to you with paperwork from the Tierheim Süderstraße and a modest supply of food suitable for cats with kidney conditions.

Please come visit us in the Schanze to meet Thymian. Contact me (Liron) any time at to arrange a meeting. I can also be contacted on Twitter.

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