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A Fork in the Road

Some of you who know me and my design work are aware that I have a huge heart for content. One of the things I love most about designing websites and digital solutions is doing the kind of work which allows people to consume and share content in way which feels good and is comfortable to access. In the past I’ve designed a few social networks which served as platforms for User-Generated Content and have had the opportunity to design the kind of brand websites which provide editorial content alongside interfaces which allow users to find a proverbial needle in a haystack of hundreds of different products. I love that I’ve had the opportunity to design websites and interfaces for large and small startups, small companies, name brands and local restaurants. Now I have the opportunity to step into a different world of content.

From the first of February, I’ll be joining an awesome digital agency called Intosite as their new Creative Lead. Intosite provides digital solutions for some of Germany’s largest special interest magazines like Der Feinschmecker, Merian, A&W, Prinz and Für Sie. As a part of the Intosite team, I will be working on the digitalization of many of these publications and their satellite apps and websites, overseeing the work of the design team and of course – I hope to bring some Usability and UX sensibilities into the mix for both concept work and usability testing. Intosite’s portfolio of sites and apps are all about content – lots of it – and they way users interact with it. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot from my new position and hope to be able to teach a thing or two myself :)

I’m really excited about this new challenge and would like to thank the Scholz & Friends Digital team for an awesome two years and my first foray into advertising, and to all of the companies that took the time to meet with me in the past month as I was deciding which way to turn past the fork in the road.

May you live in interesting times!

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