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Shirt of the Week: Hamevorag


A private joke – started off as a simple design spelling out “Hamburg” in Hebrew, but apparently Hamburg is spelled in Hebrew in the same way “Hamevorag” is, which literally means “the screwed”.

“Hamevorag” is € 30.40 in the shop. 14.2% off all orders until Feb 10th! Coupon code HERZ2009.

A day at MBC09


I spent the day at MBC09, Europe’s first microblogging conference, organized beautifully by Cem Basman. The day was organized in panels and sessions, one of which was given by Evan Prodromou, founder of, with some very interesting ideas on interoperability between microblogging platforms. (UPDATE: you can watch Evan’s talk here)

Beyond the sessions, it was interesting to see the “silent discussions” being held behind-the-scenes on Twitter. At any given moment, dozens of people were tweeting away with updates and discussions on the sessions and off-topic themes. I especially enjoyed the discussions folks were having on the future of microblogging, it was interesting to see that many people felt that we’re on the verge of having this type of online communication go mainstream. If Evan’s predictions about standards-based microblogging interoperability come true, we may see this mainstream adaptation happen sooner, rather than later.

This was also my first opportunity to test some “power-tweeting” with my new Blackberry 8110 with Twitterberry (more on that at a later point). This is an excellent setup for microblogging. Text input is easy and besides for some minor connection-dropping issues, Twitterberry works well. On the same subject, I had a nice discussion with Thilo of Twibble fame on the subject of mobile app usability. If you’re not familiar with the Twibble mobile client, check it out!

And of course, it was great to meet with “the crowd”. You know who you are – you make these events fun for me. :)

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Behind the print: Hamburg Crest

A little homage to my 2nd favorite city (second only to Tel Aviv, of course), I enjoyed working on this design which I feel does it’s bit to embody the grace and warmth (not in temperature, of course) of the city of Hamburg.

Each shirt is € 32.90, tote is € 19.90.
15% off all T shirts until Jan 22nd! Coupon code NEUJAHRSHIRTS.

Pretty Things has launched! <3

I am happy to announce that my new t-shirt shop, Pretty Things, has launched and is now open for business.

You can hop over to the shop and check out the assortment at

As a launch gift, the shop is offering 15% off all t-shirts with the coupon code NEUJAHRSHIRTS until Jan 22nd.

If you have a blog or website, it would be great if you would consider writing a blurb about the shop’s launch or linking to the shop (you can find the logo here).

… and if you order any shirts, don’t forget to upload photos of you wearing them to the Pretty Things flickr pool.

Thanks for all your support throughout the past few weeks and a big big thanks to the “beta testers”!

How’s the shop coming?

Here are photos from the first shirt to be printed from the store. Snazzy!

Paint CMYK Paint CMYK
Paint CMYK Paint CMYK

Midnight on the Murder Mile – Crafty Digital Brushes

I love doing projects which let me dabble with multiple types of media and include elements which wouldn’t typically be considered “proper tools”. This is what I did a few years ago when I needed a good set of blood drips for a digital drawing I was working on, but couldn’t find a proper set of photoshop brushes. I decided to get crafty instead.

I found a bottle of red nail polish, cleaned off my desk, covered a bunch of stuff in trash bags and started spattering the polish onto a sheet of paper. The following morning, I took the sheet of paper and scanned it in the office scanner, slicing the spatters in photoshop and created digital brushes.

I’ve seen folks do something similar with coffee stains, toilet paper, ink scribbles and newspaper smears. it’s really easy to do!

Creating a skyline in Adobe Illustration, a video tutorial

This is my first video tutorial, so I hope it’s not too stutter-y. If you ever wanted to learn how to create a skyline easily in Illustrator, here’s how to do it! Enjoy.

Creating a skyline in Adobe Illustrator (Beginners) from Liron Tocker on Vimeo.

Fast-food patriotism

More Humus

More Humus

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