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Bend at Arlene’s Grocery, New York

My friend Yoav and his super-talented band Bend played at Arlene’s Grocery in NYC a few nights ago. For those of us who weren’t able to attend, here are a few videos from the show.

You can download their new 5-sing EP “The Helpless E.P.” here.

“See It Clear”


10 things I hate about the Nokia N95 8gb

Don’t get me wrong, I love my new phone, but there are some things about it that make me want to do various things to it, like hurl it in the path of an oncoming train or drop it into the Alster. Here they are, in no particular order.

  1. By the time it finishes booting up, we could have gone through another cretaceous period.
    The N95 8gb may boot up quicker than it’s predecessors due to it’s increase in memory, but it’s still slower than a snail. 15 seconds to boot up a mobile phone? My Macbook Pro from boots up quicker than that.
  2. No support for multiple calendars
    This one is pretty infuriating. I might not be the most common use case, but I have 3 different calendars that I use on a daily bases (personal, shared, work) and the phone merges them all into one. This is not a problem per-se until you introduce syncing into the mix.
  3. It’s big.
  4. Varying photo quality
    The N95 8gb boasts a 5mpx camera with autofocus and zoom, none of which are particularly useful if the quality of the camera is often crap. I get some great photos with this camera and so do others, but more often than not I get a grainy, smudgy, washed out image.
  5. Random reception dropping
    This is probably one of my biggest gripes with this phone. I lose reception all the time in all sorts of various places. My reception sometimes flats out entirely for a few minutes when outside in the middle of the city.
  6. Screensaver in landscape mode
    This is actually somewhat of a petty gripe, but the screensaver on this device is always in landscape mode, and this can’t be changed. Particularly annoying when attempting to use a screensaver you got from a friend, or downloaded off the internet.
  7. Can’t eject device normally from computer in PC suite mode
    When connecting the phone to a computer, you can choose several modes, one of which is “PC Suite” which allows you to connect to Nokia’s media application on the computer. Since it’s not mounted to the computer as a “device” when in PC Suite mode, that means it can’t be ejected regularly and safely like other external hardware. Unfortunately, someone at Nokia Dev forgot to add that option into their software, so the only way to disconnect the phone from the computer is to “rip it out”, and hope no data is lost or corrupted.
  8. Empty music folders/tags don’t get deleted when the music file is removed
    If you delete tracks from your phone, the device won’t remove the remembered tags from the database, so you’ll always see the album name and artist in your music library menu, regardless of if the music file is there or not.
  9. No support of synchronizing custom contact data fields or notes on Mac OS
  10. Closing the slider does not hang up the call
    I believe this is by “design”.

The N95 8gb is one of the most technologically capable mobile phones in the western market and is even on-par in terms of capabilities with those quirky Japanese Keitai (minus those ridiculous TV tuners, and their brilliant mobile payment system, and their gaming capabilities, and their… whaiddaminit…).

Honstly? it’s a good phone. Give me a few minutes to have a good think and I could give you a list of 10 things I dislike about every piece of technology I’ve had (don’t even get me started about my Linux box), hopefully Nokia will sort out these oddities with their upcoming handsets.

Videos of Greenbell and Bluebell, my first Spore creatures

I downloaded Spore Creature Creator today and have been having a wonderful time with it! Here are my first creatures, Greenbell and Bluebell.

The following video was taken before I realized Spore had a record feature:

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