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Pop goes the Eurovision

Okay, I admit. I watch the Eurovision. There’s something to be said about the understated joy of watching countries embarrass themselves on live television with 100 million viewers watching. I was actually pleasantly surprised this year – the entries were pretty good and some of the songs were really well put together and well preformed (keep in mind, I said some).

After Israel’s painfully embarrassing stunt at last year’s semi-finals, I was really happy to see that we sent a respectable entry this year. Boaz Mauda’s voice is great and even though Israel only made 9th place, I’d say that’s quite an achievement considering Israel’s current place in European public opinion 2008. Anyway, I’m not complaining. We won 3 times already.

Anyhow, here’s Israel’s entry, in case you missed it. I really think it was one of the best this year.

Madness and mayhem at Lukas’ 20th.

Happy 20th birthday, Lukas! Photos here.

Warning: video is NSFW at 04:25.

Sixgroups and Café DS for Nintendo DS owners

My conversation with Bahne, CEO of Sixgroups at the Next08 conference party inspired me to take another look into the platform. I had actually been an alpha-tester for Sixgroups back in the day, but hadn’t had much of an opportunity to poke around after it finally launched. This time around I actually created a group – somewhat of a test so I could poke around deeper, but feel free to join “Café DS“, the group I created for Nintendo DS owners/fans. Who knows. Maybe something will come out of it.

The mandatory next08 post

Thursday night was the Next08 conference party here in Hamburg which I happily attended with my coworker Sven. It was nice! I met a few of people I had been wanting to meet for a while (exhibit a, exhibit b) and some new acquaintances as well.

I also participated as a guest host in the Hamburger zum Mittag podcast.

Feel free to check out my photos from the party on flickr.

Happy birthday to me!

Birthday Pictochat on the Nintendo DS

Originally uploaded by lirontocker

Turning Japanese: and other gadget-related nonsense

I told Adam yesterday that I had been blogging in “spurts”. Sometimes, I bring in a few posts a week, sometimes I bring in a few posts a year. It looks like the latter definition of blogging in spurts has been affecting my blog more than the first, at least recently.

So, I got myself a new phone as a birthday present for myself (May 9th), the Nokia N95 8gb. Lots of fun! Massive screen, can connect to Wifi, 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and flash (and macro mode!), 640×480 video with 30 frames per second. I’ve been using it to stream live to the web.

And if this wouldn’t have been enough, I picked up a Nintendo DS lite for myself about a month ago (in white). I am absolutely in love with it. Between breaks of playing Animal Crossing (my favorite for the DS by far), I’ve been playing Mario Kart DS and a bunch of mario and non-mario related games. My copy of Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with Friends is on it’s way.

With all of this gadgetry, I’m feeling one step closer to being Japanese. Unfortunately, my new mobile doesn’t have a hook for a phone strap, which boots me out of the Japanese-wannabe-club almost immediately. My DS, however, does:

Kuromi gets the DS treatment

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