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Matisyahu – King without a crown

Great visuals, great song. I’m assuming this was done in after-effects but due to the complexity of the visual layering, I’m not sure. Could have been done with the aid of a 3D application like Maya or 3DSmax.

Moleskine Diaries: Thoughts in ink and color.

Recent drawings from my moleskine blank notebook. Faber-Castell and Copic Multiliners, Copic markers.

L’amour or not L’amour, that is the question.

Daniel will quote me as saying “I don’t want one of those fancy-shnazzy cellphones with a camera and a color screen, what do I need that for?” That was in mid-2004 before I purchased my first color handset, the Motorola c650 (yes, yes, it’s the “hello, moto!” phone). My needs were humble, and so were the specifications of the device. While my younger brothers changed cellphones like dirty socks, I hung on to the c650 until last week, when I picked up a brand new, black chrome Nokia 7373, probably the least ugly of the Nokia L’amour series.

Despite the fact that I was extremely impressed with it when it showed up, it was basically dead on arrival. The screen colors were all inverted, the display “jumped” and froze, the sleek black exterior housed something that showed up on the screen as ripped shoelaces and smeared gum. After fixing the phone once already (after which the device worked for a grand total of two days), the Nokia center here in Hamburg decided the phone needs to be sent to the main lab. Hopefully it’ll be back in time for our trip to Israel. If not, it’s back to the good ‘ol Motorola c650.

In other, (entirely) non-geek related news, MAC’s “Moonbathe” collection is out with with creative visuals and lovely product design.

Paul Van Dyk: 10, Germans: 0.

Frank’s people brought Paul Van Dyk to Hamburg for an evening to which we were invited. None of us, while perhaps fans of electronic music, had much of an idea what to expect. I don’t follow the DJ charts and the gang doesn’t, either. The evening turned out to be quite nice, Paul’s music is great (although somewhat repetative), and the only shame was the German crowd. I’ve blogged about this before, but it still amazes me how even when brought a world famous, world class DJ, the German crowd kind of wiggles around in an apathetic dance which resembles the contortions of a dying fish. Considering the fact that it was an invitation, my friends were with me, and some guy I barely knew brought me a glass of champagne, it was a great evening. I’d love to see Paul Van Dyk play in Tel Aviv – the Israelis know how to party hard (ref – Apoptygma Berzerk live in Tel Aviv 2002) and in a case like that I’d even be willing to forego the champagne.

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