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Commenting is back online for the blog, after a few months of “comment haitus”. I haven’t been blogging much, either, which is more an issue of laziness on my part than anything else. But, there are good news – there’s a big, big project in the works which will allow me to take my art to a new media. Those of you who know about this project, are asked to kindly keep quiet about it on the pages of the blog and the forum. Those who don’t have details yet, are welcome to check back for announcements, and check out my recent deviantart submissions for a hint of what’s to come.

Back to the topic, and in tune with the most recent blog submissions, I’d like to share a few books which I like which I think you should check out, too. Some of them are recent purchases from Sautter+Lackmann, some I’ve had laying around the house for years. If you’re an artbook fan, read on.

Excerpts are from, and

Pictoplasma: Characters in Motion [DVD-ROM]
“Traditional animation’s system of interchangeable characteristics and predictable limited movements is being overturned by a new breed of character designers who are redefining the craft. Berlin-based Pictoplasma documents that revolution in this NTSC DVD and book set, which showcases over 50 forward-looking, stylistically outstanding studios, animators and designers in three hours of programming and 80 pages of text. The DVD is divided into chapters, but a specially designed menu allows viewers to create their own playlist sorting by artist, studio, character, style or genre. The book provides in-depth information on and context for the creators and their latest work, featuring contributions by Friends With You and Saiman Chow of the U.S.; Studio aka, Tokyo Plastic, and Passion Pictures of the U.K.; Nathan Jurevicius of Australia; Pleix of France; Ghostmilk Studios of Canada; Studio Soi of Germany and many more.”

Tres Logos
“Logo design is one of the most crucial and challenging tasks in graphic design. Seemingly simple, The Logo becomes the indispensable face of companies and conveys the brand’s identity and philosophy. Fully indexed and structured thematically, the book draws connections between the applications and the field for which it was intended. Like its predecessors, Tres Logos explores the exceptional visual language and stylistic approaches to logo creation by designers around the globe, exhibiting thousands of examples and simultaneously providing information about the “makers’” personal approach.

Tres Logos is a state of the art visual encyclopedia on the current state and evolution of Logo Design.”

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Treasures in the discount bin @ Sautter + Lackmann

Every art-obsessed young’n (and old’n) knows to automatically stop by the discount bin of bookstores – for some reason, the best art books end up there, like a pile of missing left socks.

But what do you find in the discount bin of artbook stores? Treasures, I tell you. Treasures.

Today’s find: Crackpot Calendar 2007.


Inside scan #1:

Inside scan #2:

I love Sautter + Lackmann. If you’re ever in Hamburg, that should be your next stop after the red-light district.

Junko Mizuno’s Upgraded Hell Babies

Those “in the know” (clicky clicky), know exactly why I’m excited that this will shortly be in my hands:

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