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What if?

I don’t blog much, do I?
I normally wait around until blogging material presents itself to me, instead of going out to look for it myself. A mistake, perhaps, but life has been very lively lately, lively enough to put my website on the backburner and to devote my attention to my “9 to 5″.

Okay, now seriously.
I’ve been spending a large portion of the last week watching Sliders. I’ve forgotten how great this series was, how creative it’s plots were (at least for the first few seasons) and how much I enjoyed watching it. Very rarely does a good, entertaining TV series come along which is honestly creative, and keeps being creative throughout it’s episodes instead of simply over-stretching a good idea.

For those of you who are not familiar with Sliders, the series makes it’s focus on a small group of people who “slide” between parallel worlds. They arrive on parallel earths during the same timeframe (no silly time travel business here) and experience the alternate earth as one where something has somehow mildly (or not so mildly) changed from the earth they are familiar with. Sometimes these changes are extremely mild – nothing is different except the color of the Golden Gate bridge or the allocation of the “creative” lobe of the brain. Some of these changes are vast – a world which has renounced technology, communism has taken over the US or a world in which men are considered to be the weaker sex.

If you have time to spare, watch some Sliders. A great show which deals with the “what if…?” that we all have lingering in the back of our minds.

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