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The Sporting Life: The Decemberists live in Hamburg 13.2.07

Felix and I went to see The Decemberists at the Knust concert room here in Hamburg. To be entirely honest, Felix was sick and he wasn’t too much in the mood, he hadn’t heard much of the Decemberists prior to that evening and was mostly there to make me happy. The show itself was grand. The Decemberists make great, creative music and I was excited to hear some of their newer songs (from their new album “the Crane Wife”) as well as some of my favorites (“16 Military Wives”, “We Both Go Down Together”, “Billy Liar”). Felix ended up having a great time, and even managed to squeeze out a “GO COLBERT!” during a guitar solo (in reference to the “Decemberists vs. Steven Colbert guitar solo challenge” on the US TV show, “The Colbert Report”). Only one person in our general vicinity got the joke. The crowd was generally apathetic, but perhaps my standards are a little different, being used to the energy of the Israeli crowds – I might be a little too used to seeing people screaming, yelling, raising their arms and raising hell. The Decemberists truly looked like they were having a good time on stage, they were genuine and honest with their music which is a nice, refreshing change from most everything else.

Here are a couple of videos we managed to grab with the digital camera, not the best of quality, but not too shabby, either.

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