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Commercial suicide, how to.

The internet – a blossoming marketplace which allows one to bring his or her own company up from the grassroots to frution with minimal funds, minimal manpower and minimal headache. But what happens when the CEO, the only employee, had some bad eggs for breakfast and still decides to play PR? And what happens if he seems to forget, that on the internet – word of mouth spreads faster than a wildfire?

This post from Blogdorf Goodman illustrates this scenario pretty well. It looks like Koibox, a boutique nail polish company, has managed to do some horrific PR (PR, being, Pissy & Rude) by sending a very nasty reply letter to a concerned customer. This pissed off the cosmetics community on Makeup Alley, as as every good cosmetics PR person knows, it is a mighty bad thing to piss these girls off. MUA has millions of members who have been directly responsible for popularizing a brand, or running it out of business due to these types of shenanigans.

Only time will tell if Koibox will manage to keep themselves above the water after this ordeal. Personally, I’m not planning on giving them a dime. If you’re looking for me, I’ll be over at Makeup Alley.

Gaak, I’ve been TAGGED!

I’ve been tagged by Eran, which means that I now need to come up with 5 “facts” about myself, which may or may not be general knowledge. Please remember that the comments on are currently disabled due to spam issues, until my darling admin and I get this fixed, you can join the forum to comment. We don’t bite, I promise!

  1. I am on a lifelong quest to learn at least one major language from every major populated region on earth to a conversational level. I speak Hebrew, English and German (the first two fluently, the latter of which I’m still working hard on) and intend to learn Japanese.
  2. I am a hardcore science fiction fan. I grew up with Star Trek (The Next Generation), the “Back to the Future” trio and “Event Horizon” are some of my all-time favorite films. I can quote Marty McFly in my sleep.
  3. I have, and have always had, trouble getting along on a meaningful level with females besides my mother. I grew up with a male group of friends almost exclusively and to this day have very few female contacts.
  4. I collect comic books from Marvel, Dark Horse and SLG Publishing, and have quite a few rare X-Men titles which will eventually be my pension.
  5. I wear a lot of red lipstick.

To this, I hereby tag Dina, Dave and Lukas.

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