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An apology.

Felix just upgraded me to the new version of Wordpress, and we made a mass spam deletion. Unfortunately in the process a large amount of real comments were removed, so if you don’t see your comment which you posted a while ago, it has probably been accidentally deleted and I’m sorry for that. Please be gentle as we make efforts to de-spaminize the blog.

How to re-learn the planets of our solar system

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know by now that Pluto has been officially been demoted to “dwarf” planet and is no longer a part of the major planets of our solar system. click here if you’ve been living under said rock (be sure to watch the video in the article, it’s hilarious).

Children in the united states, and I assume other english speaking countries as well, learn the planets of the solar system by remembering the phrase “My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas”.

M – Mercury
V – Venus
E – Earth
M – Mars
J – Jupiter
S – Saturn
U – Uranus
N – Neptune
P – Pluto

The question is now, which phrase should children just learning the order of the solar system’s planets now use?

My suggestion is: “Most Very Erratic Mormons Just Slip Up Nowadays”

What’s your suggestion? Please discuss in the forum (or here).

You know you’re getting older when you start looking at diaper bags.

I can’t get over how gorgeous every single piece of Oilily’s fall collection is, especially their handbags, jackets and skirts. As I was browsing their website and pondering that fact, I started wondering why they have such a vast range of diaper bags and baby socks. Looks like I’ve ventured out of the target market – according to their company page, Oilily aim to sell mainly to older women with children. Am I getting old?

Makeup and politics don’t mix

I don’t know if you follow my makeup reviews over on Makeup Alley, but if you do, you’ll notice that I’m a fan of MAC makeup. I don’t actually own many of their products since they’re far too pricey for my non existent budget (let’s just say I became overwhelmingly happy when Felix found someone’s old MAC blush behind the computer desk the other day and gave it to me), but when I do have a few euro, I’d rather purchase one of their eyeshadows instead of 5 of another, cheaper brand.

Before I start turning into an advertisement for MAC here, let me get to the point. MAC recently came out with some lip-plumping type lipgloss called “Plushglass” which I don’t particularly care for (I was blessed in the lip department), and brought out Sandra Bernhard to be the spokeswomen. Sandra makes me laugh each time I see her on stage and I always saw her as a strong, sarcastic, assertive woman, and while she’s not Heidi Klum by any means, she’s just the right type to advertise this product, because not only does she have rather large lips, but she is a loud mouth in the true sense of the phrase.

Although MAC assumed this would work in their favor, they made the biggest advertising no-no by having Sandra insult the crowd they don’t specifically target. Sounds like it’s not a problem? Think again. MAC have always had a strong political image: left wing. They have managed to cater to this crowd by endorsing experimentalism, sexuality, and challenging the norm. These experimentalists and norm-challengers are most often the left wing crowd and thus their target market. But the right wing crowd have money in their pockets and many Republican women buy MAC products. Or rather “bought” MAC products, because after Sandra Bernhard in her MAC commercial looked straight at the camera and said: “little freaked out, intimidated, frightened, right-wing Republican thin-lipped bitch”, I have serious doubts that this crowd is going to be shopping at MAC again.

MAC issued an apology at some point, and took the video off of their website. It’s still circulating on Youtube and blogs and news channels all over the world are now reporting on this issue. But as far as I can see, MAC didn’t just loose their republican crowd, but many of their left-wing fans like me (little freaked out, intimidated, frightened, left-wing Democrat bitch) who are just not going to buy this product endorsed by Mrs. Bernhard.

The personal jab made by MAC may not have been directed at the target crowd which I am a part of, but it’s the fact that such a well balanced company can go ahead and feel it has the right to poke personal jabs in the first place to such a level, regardless of if the jab was directed at me. Shame on you, MAC, I’m not going to be buying any of your “plushglass” and I have a feeling that many other women won’t be, either.

Higgins Avenue comic numero uno

I missed this by about a few days – no good excuses really, I just forgot about it entirely because I’m lame once in a while. My friend Adam has finally released his first installment of Higgins Avenue, a webcomic he’s done in collaboration with some girl I don’t know (but would like to!). Congrats to Adam and to some girl I don’t know!

Anyhow, Check out Higgins Avenue and finally do something productive with your internet surfing.

George Bush: “Israel is triumphant” *snicker*

As you probably have heard, read or seem until this point, Israel has accepted the cease fire and is now responding only to provoked attacks in southern Lebanon while tricklings of soldiers are returning home to Israel one by one. To say I am happy about this is an understatement. I am ecstatic. Don’t get me wrong – it is my opinion that Israel did the right thing in retaliating the actions of the Hizbollah and going into southern Lebanon. But oh my lord did the government preform poorly and the heads of military were shooting in the dark. What an embarrassment. Why am happy about Israel pulling back out, even with it’s tail between it’s legs? Because too many people were dying for no reason.

Israel under Ehud Olmert wakes up today to a new reality; support for Israel has declined by countless numbers, it’s government is a laughing stock of the international community, the arab world sees itself as triumphant – for a good reason, as Israel didn’t achieve any of it’s goals it set for itself when entering the region. George bush has now been quoted as saying that Israel has defeated the Hizbollah. What a bunch of blind bull. How can George Bush say that with a straight face? Let’s examine this: Who decides which side has “won”? Not the leaders of these conflicting countries, since they have every reason to claim this victory for themselves. So who do we ask? The people. Over 50% of the Israeli people say that they are dissappointed with the way the government conducted the operation and that most if not all of Israel’s goals in the region had not been reached. Israelis are calling for a vote of dishonesty in the government; even government leaders are calling for an emergency back-up government to be formed.

Now, let’s ask the Lebanese. No one to ask at the moment because no one’s home – they’re all out partying in the streets. Whereas Hassan Nasrallah had moderate support beforehand in Lebanon, the Lebanese are really starting to warm up to this guy. Palestinians are calling him a hero, and Assad president of Syria is now saying out loud that the arab world now recognizes “another, non-diplomatic way of dealing with Israel”, if you catch his drift.

So who “won”? I’m sorry to say that the Israeli government has far from been triumphant, and it’s better for the US president George Bush to pipe himself down to avoid him saying stupid things. Ehud Olmert has put the Israeli people in a situation that they didn’t believe they’d be in, and there’s no turning back the clock. Israel just became just a little bit smaller today, and in the eyes of many other folks not on the arab front, she’s slowly losing her right to exist.

Go away, Ehud Olmert, bring someone else in to fix what you’ve done.

No tolerance for skinny girls

Despite what you have been accustomed to by the media or whatnot, skinny is not the “it” look, it has never been the “it” look and it just takes a few looks here and there to prove me right. When I talk about skinny, I’m not talking about well toned women with pretty hourglass figures and not an extra pound in sight. I’m talking about girls who are small boned, small chested, flat-butted and all around thin. These types of girls are portrayed in the media as “sick” and “anorexic” when not only does their figure have nothing to do with their medical conditions or lack therof, but “anorexia” is a term that when applied to them, nothing could be farther than the truth. This recent post on displays the lovely Nicole Ritchie looking quite skinny. Normally I am a fan of popsugar, but the comments on this post made me sick to my stomach. Here is a girl who is very petite and small boned, and gaining weight for these types is not only hard, but virtually impossible. This skinnyness has nothing to do with any type of sickness – the girl simply has lightning fast metabolism. I have been a Nicole Ritchie fan for this reason. She’s a lovely young woman who looks great despite this little obstacle and gives everybody the finger for labeling her anorexic. Nicole has a lot of personal style, is smart and funny, and warms the heart of many girls who share this same “problem” that she does.

It’s hard to be extremely skinny, look good and feel great about yourself. I spent a good deal of my teenage years feeling horrible about my body because I was taught that I should be much fuller to look pretty, and even today I get sharp stares, comments about my figure both both behind my back and to my face. It’s hard for girls like me to put on weight, we eat twice as much as an adult man (I should know, I live with one) and we still can only hope to gain one kilogram a month if we’re lucky. If I would collect one cent for each time I was called “anorexic”, I could buy myself a 7 room house in Bevery Hills (complete with personal spa).

So for heaven’s sake, enough with this madness and ignorance. Let a girl feel good about herself for who she is, and not for who you want her to be.

For this season, green is the new orange.

I’ve recently been rather obsessed with Project Runway, the hip, stylish reality show in which 15 fashion designers answer crazy challenges and need to come up with unique pieces. I think it’s great – finally a reality show which really tests the boundaries of creative thinking, and not yet another bland reality series which focuses on two weeks in the jungle. Project Runway is my godsend for the wish of high quality televison. Something creative for the soul, something which in itself can serve as insipration.

But let me be honest here, and make one thing clear: I know nothing about what’s “hip” and “cool” in the fashion world. Take one look at me and you’ll see that not only am I not wearing the latest fashions, I have no idea what they are and even if I did, I probably wouldn’t shell out my savings for them. I buy my clothes at H&M and my cosmetics at the drugstore. Okay, fine. It’s true that I spent about a year and a half actually working in the fashion “industry” but it wasn’t by far anything you’ll find on the shelves at Nordstrom’s. Okay, I admit! I read women’s magazines! But I flip through until I get to the beauty section. Really.

Anyhow, back to Project Runway. On the show, I enjoy listening to the splurring blurb of rediculous accusations that the judges throw over to the contestants who achieve low scores, or the played-up mumbo jumbo they use in order to tell a contestant that they loved their design. Sentences like “it looks cheap”, “I just don’t get it” and “grey is the new brown”. As a matter of fact, the last one is so nonsensical and rediculous that I think I’ll adopt it. Next time a friend asks me what I think of her new shirt, I’ll fluff my hair and say “for this season, green is the new polka-dot orange”. That automatically turns me into a leading source of all things fashion.

Anyhow, judge for yourselves. I’ve posted all recent episodes in this here forum thread. Enjoy!

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