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The Lironcast Podcast: (Almost) Live from Germany

Felix and I are proud to announce the temporary comeback of the Lironcast Podcast – a special edition, half an hour of talk radio from our little apartment in Hamburg, Germany. In this edition we talk about sightseeing in Germany, mishaps while working as a network engineer, the situation in Israel, makeup for geeks and SHEEP.

Download this special episode here

Waiting for fire.

I guess I should update about what it is that’s currently going on in Israel, since I know most of you are probably following the news and like the rest of us, being rather confused about this sudden turn of events in the middle east.

To be quite honest, at the moment it’s hard for me to pay any attention to anything which is happening in mainland Lebanon, because somewhere off the coast of Beirut, my little brother is sitting in a ship identical to the one which was hit by the Hizbolla yesterday, leaving one young soldier dead and three missing. Last night was a hard night for all of us, I had just come back home from a lovely night tour of the Hamburg harbor with my boyfriend and was feeling rather cheery. My good mood turned to sheer horror when I checked my email when I got back, I recieved links from my friend Aharon (who had served with me in the military years ago) to information about the missle ship that was hit. It was the same class ship as the one my brother served on, and at the time there was no information as to which of the ships it actually was.

A round of hysterical phone calls later revealed that it wasn’t my brother’s ship, but it was indeed one of the others in the small fleet of these highly sophisticated ships and this morning we found out that one of the killed soldiers was the same rank and age as my brother. Another one of the missing soldiers shared with my brother the same name.

This morning I also woke up to the reality that the little brother of a good friend of my friend who is coming to visit me here in Hamburg next week, was killed while in a tank trying to save the kidnapped soldiers.

So I sit here, and I’m basically horrified, worried and very shaky. The situation in Israel is very bad and it’s a matter of days until my parent’s house, my grandmother, my family, my friends are all in the line of fire. And my little brother, not only is he in the line of fire, but he is ass-crack, deep and personal with the fire. So we wait.

Come home safely, kiddo.

Makeup for four-eyes: Shopping for Makeup

This post is part of a series on makeup for clueless geek girls. Click here to check out the entire category.

You’ve probably seen it before on the way to the gadget-shop: a small, corner store full of unrecognizable wares with women in pinskirts bustling in and out with little black bags. In all probablility, this is a makeup store. Let’s hold on just a moment before you hop in and spend your entire paycheck (or your gadget budget, eek!).

Shopping for makeup can either be a lot of fun or a real headache, depending how you’ve planned it out, if you’ve done your homework beforehand, and you know what it is you’re looking for. Shopping within itself is for many of us a tiring drag, but it can be a lovely experience (that won’t break your pocket) if you do a little planning ahead and make sure to know what’s in store for you. Read the rest of this entry »

Liron, now with voicemail action!

I’ve finally activated voicemail for my skype account, so now whoever has tried to reach me can do so even when I’m not around. To be honest, I don’t really have a microphone for use with skype yet (ehem, Felix) so this will be a good solution for whoever wants to yap off in my direction as a one-sided thing.

There are two more ways to leave me voicemail if you’re so inclined. The first one is to actually call my house phone or cellular, but that’s a little pricey. The other option is to use odeo in order to send me a voice message, you don’t have to sign up for the service.

All hail communication.

Makeup for four-eyes: The makeup bag

This post is part of a series on makeup for clueless geek girls. Click here to check out the entire category.

Many she-nerds share the same sentiments to makeup bags (and bags in general) as men (or the remaining men who are not yet metrosexuals). To quote my boyfriend on this: “Women carry purses because they think they need to tote around most of their makeup 24/7″. Admittely, this is largely true. Many woman normally carry around much more makeup than they need during the day, but this is not normally an issue of vanity: Woman are lazy, lazy, lazy. And most of them carry so much makeup around because they’re too lazy to pick out the selected shadows/sticks they’ll need for a mid-day touchup, so they throw in the whole she-bang.

The fact of the matter is this: no matter how lovely your makeup looks when you leave the house in the morning, in 15min to an hour your face will start melting. It’s true – the wicked witch of the west syndrome.

To emphasise on this point, let’s meet Lisa. Lisa is a system administrator for a small firm. She’s a rather normal looking gal, nothing on the flashy side. She’s got no gold belts in her wardrobe (eek!) instead she wears jeans, strappy tops, and occationally her “Got Root?” Tshirt. Her daily routine is nothing like the ones belonging to the girls in the financial dept. on the 4th floor, instead she spends her day in front of windy server racks and making sure people don’t have capslock on when they type in their password. Lisa carries around her red jansport with her wallet, keys, cellphone, towel (very important for intergalactic hitchhiking) and a pencil-case sized makeup bag. Let’s follow her through the day and see what she uses it for. Read the rest of this entry »

Notes from the road: a week back in Israel

Our week spent in Israel was lovely. Nothing in Herzlia had changed much since I had last seen it, just some road construction and new stores in town. We didn’t really take the opportunity to kick back and enjoy the sun – a week is not a long time and everything had to be taken into account of “the schedule”.

We started off with what may actually be the worst restaurant service expereience ever, and certainly one of the funniest. I have never experienced such incompetance of the staff such as one of the Sushi places in Herzlia Pituach. I’d leave the name, but I’d get sued. The waiters were incompetant and confused, the kitchen had accute inability to follow orders and none of us got what we ordered in the first place. One of us actually recieved some sort of bizarre mishmash between two of the meals that were initially ordered. And and some of us were finishing up our food, the others hadn’t even recieved their entrees and at the end of it all, we recieved an apology from the manager and two free desserts. Too bad that when the bill came, we were charged for stuff we hadn’t ordered. This ordeal didn’t surprise me, I’ve been a customer there for years and their service has always been sub par. I keep going back, though, for the best sushi I have ever had in Israel.

The rest of our time constituted of meeting friends, hopping from place to place in Tel Aviv, having a large family lunch in honor of my parents’ 25th anniversary, a meaningful visit to the Yad Vashem holocaust memorial museum and eventually, a flight back. Much too short of a visit, hopefully we can make it back towards the holidays in September.

For those interested in the photos, here’s my flickr set from the entire week.

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