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Makeup for four-eyes: The basics

Throughout the years that I have maintaining a blog, I have managed to settle myself in my comfortable spot of “geek blogger”, writing about subjects that have everything to do with computers and design, and less to do with everything else. So, I sit down in front of my blog editor and think about writing about a subject I’ve never written about before, so it dawned on me like a strike of lightning from the cloudy heavens of Hamburg – Makeup! And not just makeup, oh no. Makeup for nerdy, four eyed, allergic to everything geeks, like me. Comical? probably.

Besides being a linux-enthusiastic computer geek with her most expensive asset being her GPU (I’m not kidding) , I’m also a rather large cosmetics consumer. The trouble is, that I share my common problems with the stereotypical computer obsessed female, which includes, among others, glasses, allergies to a bazillion ingredients, brittle nails, oily spot-prone skin and a big lumpy wad on my head that might accidentally be mistaken on a good day for hair. I admit, I am Bernard in a skirt.

I have tried a lot of makeup products in the past 10 years that I have been “putting on my face”, and only a fraction of them have been suitable for any type of girl with a bazillion allergies who sits in front of the computer at least 4 hours a day who’s general idea of makup remover is “it’s okay, it’ll come off on the pillow anyway”. As an attempt to a comical, yet quite serious post and a reach out to all the girls reading my blog who are in the same situation as I am, here are the products that have made my life as a geek easier. Or, more importantly, how to avoid those nail polish smears on the thumb area of the mouse.

This is the first post in a series of a few, hope you enjoy it and please leave your feedback. Read the rest of this entry »

Thank you for linking!

I admit – I’m a webstats junkie. I check my website statistics often and I just got my invitation code for google analytics. Years ago, I was a strics anti-tracking advocate, I didn’t like tracking my users and I didn’t like being tracked myself. Nowadays, though, reading my webstats on a regular basis has proved to vastly enrich my web experience. I love checking through my stats and seeing who is linking to me and where people are coming from, that’s one of my favorite ways to make friends online and bridge that gap between blogger and reader.

For that reason, I now present to you, “The Thank you List” for the month of May. These are hearty links back to the people who have been linking to me this month and some of the places where most of my recent visitors have been coming from. I thank you wholeheartedly for reading my site and visiting me, and liking what I do here enough to want to tell your friends. Thank you, again! – Today I am on the front news page of Exego (Better known as Concepzia), Israel’s top graphic design website.

Design Meltdown – Where I am featured as an example for webdesign including pink elements.

Light on Dark – Where I am featured as an example for light on dark webdesign.

Dave B Gimp – a friend and fellow penguin.

Screenblog – Where I am featured as an example for… something.

An Open Cupboard – Frankenshteen’s blog, a food lover :D

Happy 58th Birthday, Israel!

I’d like to wish to all whom it may concern a wonderful and festive Israeli Independence day!

יו×? הולדת שמח, מדינה קטנה שלי!

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