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Welcome to (the currently rather barren)

As you can see, this doesn’t quite look like That’s becuase it isn’t.

This is the first blog post on, currently a direct copy of what was dwelling in the bowels of the SQL server. It’s all here – the blog archives, the comments, even the spam. I don’t know what I’d do if my darling wasn’t a sysadmin.

In the meantime, this blog and the forum is all that will be public on for a while. The rest of the site is being worked on and will still take some time to complete. The most important part of the site, the portfolio, is currently being worked on as well and will include most of the artwork which currently resides only on my deviantart userpage.

Check the blog for updates about the site and for updates about how my move to Germany is going, and don’t forget to sign up for the forum to keep in touch.

New artstuffs

eMusic/J is a wonderful little program by Robin Sheat developed to be a replacement download client for Linux for the eMusic music store. eMusic is an independant-label oriented online music store which sells it’s tracks in .mp3 format and delivers a good percentage to the record labels and artists, unfortunately the development for the original Linux client was halted at some stage, and Linux users resorted to manual downloading. Robin’s client is still under developement but works great, and I am happy to be able to design icons for this wonderful little app.

Oh…. and welcome back, hon :)

Wer erklaert mir wie das hier funktioniert?

My goodness, what a week.

I think this has been one of the more stressful and busy weeks I have had in an astoundingly long time, and to be honest, I don’t see it unwinding any time in the near future especially as my date of departure from Israel inches closer.

I spent most of my free time this week at the Shiv’ah following my grandfather’s passing, and closer to the weekend my 16 year-old brother was hospitalized for having a smoke-bomb blow up in his face. He’s going to be alright, but there is permanent damage to his eyes and there will be much lesson-learning from this entire ordeal.

I’ve been working on my PDF portfolio, a time-consuming project in itself, rewriting my CV and working on a nice project for a client. Other than that I have been constantly “pre-packing”, there’s a nice pile on my desk of books, comics and other things I will be taking to Germany with me, and I still have many things to do which falls under the “beaurocratic” category, such as paying the Ministry of Interior a visit, canceling my health insurance and cellphone plans, getting some money into my account and so forth.

My german teacher is preparing a test for this upcoming Friday, which is the last lesson of the semester. I feel like I know most of the material to an extent where a test won’t pose a big problem for me to pass, but I still have some stray ends to get rid of. Hopefully tonight I’ll be able to clear my mind a little by paying a visit to the Designers’ fair at the Tel Aviv convention center, where the company I currently work for has put up a clothing stall. There are many talented fashion designers in Israel and it’s always a pleasure to see what people have been working on.

And if anyone would like to know what these here ears have been occupied with lately, here’s the list.

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