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The cat is out of the bag.

Where’s Liron? Where’s her Podcast? Who stole my underwear? Who moved my cheese?

Hold on to your hats – this is now official enough for me to be able to annouce in public, and explain exactly where I’ve been. In the past few months I’ve had a major change in my life, met an amazing man and in March I am going to hop over a few borders so I can move in with him. As you can imagine, I’ve been largely occupied by this in the past few months and haven’t really managed to dedicate any “brain space” to anything having something remotely connected to my website, my email, or my caffeine or cigarette consumption (honestly).

What does this mean towards my podcast? It’s on haitus at the moment. I might release a few more short clips before I move, but I wouldn’t suggest you hold your breath. As for when it will become active again, you will all know when I will, so feel free to keep being subscribed to the feed.

A few new exciting things are in the works, though, like a new domain and online portfolio ( will remain active), a ton of new drawings that need to be and will be uploaded soon, and finally a reason to update the “travel diaries” category.

Mid-march is when I am leaving, and “setting up shop” in Hamburg, Germany. Feel free to send me good luck and bon voyage cards (yes, please!) to:
Liron Tocker
PO Box 94
Herzlia 46100

I’ll update you all on the developments, it’s going to be a wild ride, so stick around.

By the way: (Edit Dec 27th, 14:40pm)
Come holiday season, there is an increasing number of websites which are hot-linking to images located on my server (especially the tweenteen sites myspace and xanga). Now that the holidays are over, please note that I will not tolerate this hot-linking monkey business, and I will hunt you down and deface your site by changing around the images on my server. If you do not believe me, just check out this site. You’ve been warned, save images to your own server or feel the wrath of my internet presence.

Mass, site-wide comment deletion

Due to a mass amount of comment spam and general smelly self-promotion, I have deleted comments by the thousands. Kewords used to choose comments for deletion include: “the”, “please”, and “site”. I have done my best to make sure that genuine, personal comments were not included in the deletion, but if your comment was caught in the tuna net, I apologize.

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