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Lironcast Podcast 2005/10/26 – PoDWAR the MOVIE

Lironcast Podcast #15 is live! This week I talk about podcasting and free speech, social browsing, 3D computing, video gaming vintage rodeo and PoDWAR!!! (read like: MANOWAR!!!)

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the desktop…

Here are the showlinks for this weeks show:
Dave’s post about free speech in podcasting
Harry and Ziva in Ha’aretz! Mad props!
Flock, the social browser
The Bubble Project
Uncle Nagy’s House
Project Looking Glass LiveCD
Yahoo! Podcasts
3D Holographic displays
Video game timeline
Computers + Movies don’t mix
BeelineTV international television
gMail, get your gMail!

Podsafe music for this week:
Harvey Danger / Song women and wine (Thanks to freddie for the heads up)

My rediculous Tshirt:

The City, my best friend.

Last week Amir and I visited “Icon”, which is the Sci-Fi and Fantasy film festival at the Tel Aviv cinimatheque, which I can only honestly describe as an anthropological experience. I’ve never really been known to be Queen of Tact(tm) and I promptly said out loud, when we arrived, “Wow, an entire room full of people who can appreciate the fact that I can do a Vulcan salute!”. We showed up for a short presentation about the history of the Brothers Grimm (although I would have loved it if the woman doing the presentation would have elaborated on their works as Philologists) which was followed by a ghastly movied dubbed “A Wicked Tale”. This was supposed to be an original take on the Little Red Riding Hood story, which it was, but depite the rave reviews online I found it to be a big pile of steaming poo.

Next week we’ve got one final Jewish holiday for the season and that’s it until December, which is fine by me. I’m starting to loose track of the days and I’m going to cringe when looking at my paycheck at the end of the month. Despite these holiday vacations, I’ve been pressed for time by running around and getting my life back together during the days I’m not at work, and working on a design project (CD cover, logo, website) for a friend overseas. What I really need right now is to make use of whatever sunny days we have left and relax with a bikini by someone’s pool. Any takers?

Friday morning I went to sign up for my 3rd semester of German at the Goethe Institute. They’ve raised their prices, and the workbook I was required to purchase was overpriced as well. I wonder if they’re going to notice their student base dwindling, not that they’d mind much since they’re being partially funded by the German government and have been wiping their asses with 100eu bills.

As an afterthought, what I really need to do is to get a copy of The Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy on DVD and to spend the evening burping beer in front of the TV screen. I’ll go work on that.

First post from flock, what’s with the Podcast?

If you’re reading this, it means that I’ve finally managed to take over the the country and am currently enjoying a latte at Cafe Annan in the northern tip of Israel. Or not. But regardless if if you are reading this or not, I have actually managed to come up with a personal triumph on a much smaller scale – I’m online. I’ve been offline for close to two weeks now, we’re still not sure what the issue was but I’m glad to be sitting in front of my computer and blogging again. Not to mention that I finally get the opportunity to play around with some of the new internet goodies I’ve found in my absence.

If it’s not obvious by now (and it probably isn’t, but anyway), this is my first post using the flock browser. Flock is a wonderful new “social” browser with is built upon the mozilla firefox codebase. I could rant on and on about the features of this lil’ bugger, but I’ll leave a little quote to do the job for me (and don’t forget to follow the link to the review)

For those of you that don’t know, Flock is a new browser that is being developed that is to open a whole new world of browsing the web. Integrated with, Flickr, and other tools such as writing to your blog. Sort of a “social browser,�? if you will.

Flying with the Flock » Solution Watch

At the moment Flock has not been released to the general public, but since I’m a greedy lil’ girl who always wants everything before everyone else can get their paws onto whatever it may be, I managed to score the Developer Preview by means of holding one of the lead developers by gunpoint (I’m lying, I signed up for the beta program). I’m not going to post a full-scale review of the application since I’m too lazy, too tired, and really need to go to the bathroom, but I’d like to encourage the curious to check out the flickr flock pool where you’ll find some great screenshots of how the developers managed to build a browser which is actually part of the internet, as opposed to just a took which is used to view it. Think of Flock as sending an agent into the field as opposed to wearing a part of binoculars which are falling apart. Or something.

Wait, wait, wait… back up, back up. Yes, I said I was back online. I’ve actually missed two entire podcasts again. The real trouble about missing a recording is that I don’t know the show isn’t going to be recorded until I actually sit down to do it and discover it’s just not going to happen for whatever reason. But a week later when the problem has been solved, 75 percent of my shownotes are irrelevant becuase they’re too heavily based on what’s new and happenin’. It becomes yesterday’s news, and a week later I disappoint myself and my listeners for not having that twice longer podcast to make up for not being around. *Sigh*.

BUT! If all goes well and Murphy decides not to kick me in the rear-end again, I will have my show this upcoming Wednesday as normal. If you can’t wait, feel free to listen to October 5th’s show on repeat.

Podcast (slightly) delayed

Due to the fact that my computer has halted my ability to use the internet, I cannot get my Podcast up on time this week. Hopefully this will be sorted out by next week or I’ll bash the modem against the wall.


Gilad Magnus tonight, live at the Roots (lilenblum 25, Tel Aviv). 22:30, Free Admission.

Lironcast Podcast 2005/10/05 – Hooray the Film Show!

Lironcast Podcast #14 is live! This week I talk about movie and DVD related thingstuffs, Coffee, Ye Olde digital manuscripts and how to have your website’s design get completely fux0rd.

Here are the showlinks for this weeks show:
Ryan, directed by Chris Landreth
Primer, directed by Shane Carruth
Fix my computer and score a free pasta dinner!
Alber Einstein’s manuscripts online for that daily fuel intake
Top 10 webdesign mistakes of 2005
Better webdesign through typetester
Microsoft screws us all with one-time DVD (NOW DEBUNKED) handmade gifts

Podsafe music for this week:
The Decemberists – We Both Go Down Together (live)

Losing the ability to create

Those of you who are (or aren’t) creative people who haven’t seen Ryan yet, should pop on over to their local DVD center and pick up a copy.

It’s a 13 minute documentary on a Canadian animator named Ryan Larkin, who created amazing drawings and animations in the late 60s and early 70s, before deciding he was no longer able to create due to a few reasons, and retired to the life of a street peddler in downtown Montreal.

The animation in this piece is striking and imaginative, the narration and conversation is genuine, but all of this is completely beside the point and dwarfs the real though-provoking point of interest.

What if you were suddenly unable to create?

Most of us in the creative arts know that we are lucky enough to work in a field which thousands of schools cannot teach us how to do properly, we are lucky that we can shape the reality around us for ourselves and for others, we are lucky that we can provide for ourselves based on the chemical composition of our brains.

One day in 1996, my body stopped producing a very important enzyme which, in turn, required me to readjust my lifestyle and daily routine. What if, in turn, my brain halted my ability to create, to draw, to translate my inner world visually? I would no longer be able to provide for myself in the same way I do now. It would be a handicap. Like cutting off a limb, or suffering a stroke, losing the ability to create would change my life and require me to learn how to do things differently. Readjustment would entitle recalculation of my entire world view, and redefinition of the way I experience the world.

I don’t feel sorry or sad for Ryan, becuase he does not feel sorry or sad for himself. I feel sorry and sad for us, for no longer having an opportunity to experience a new piece of work from his hands. I feel sorry for us, as a society, for casting a blind eye so easily over those who have lost their way. Because in turn, they might have just been able to enrich ours.

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