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Lironcast Podcast 2005/09/28 – Back on the Air

Lironcast Podcast #13 is live! You all get to hear me boast about my new computer and talk about things like DVD linux playback, 3D modeling, self-studying, microscopic robot toys and how to make your computer do anything and everything with LiveCDs.

Here are the showlinks for this weeks show:
MIT OpenCourseware
The ups and downs of DeCSS
The History of the Blender application
The Blender Homepage
Alias Wavefront Maya’s “fake or foto” quizthing
Samsung ad for 3G phone (disable your popup blocker)
Microscopic robot toys you can’t see!
Webdesign cheat sheets for happy pleasure good time multi-protocol web messenger
The great linux LiveCD list
Opera is now free (again)
Free gmail invites! Clicky clicky!

Podsafe music for this week:
Yoav Erez and Bend – It’s all Good

No Podcast again today :(

So, I had my new computer all set up and ready, with glorious shownotes a’plenty. But a few hours ago by computer decided it didn’t want anything to do with my sound card, which means no podcast until it’s fixed. I will record and upload the podcast the moment the sound card is working again (or rather, until the OS is more agreeable with the driver – there’s actually nothing wrong with the card), regardless of if it is or isn’t on schedule.

Don’t give up on me yet, folks!

Baby Computer names.

Following my most recent post on the subject, my current computer is as dead as a doornail and as of now will not even boot from the CDrom. She’s dead, Jim.

Tomorrow I’m getting a new PC, which will most probably be the fastest and most expensive computer on the block. Can I afford it? No, but if I only bought things I could afford I’d be thinking towards origami instead of 3D modeling.

In light of this, she needs a name. Following Bertha A the Pentium Paperweight (“Bertha”) and the now deceased Bertha B (“Pangaea”), Bertha C has a few prospective names (“Penguin Pusher”, “Kunstgeber”, “Freya”, “Nigiri”, “Wasabisan”) but nothing concrete as of now.

Post your ideas, make me proud!

No podcast for YOU!

Due to the untimely demise of my computer, there will be no podcast today. Thank you for your support and understanding and we hope to be back with our normal schedule within the upcoming weeks.

In the meantime, here’s a penguin:

MIA from the cyberscene

My home computer is screwed, something is either seriously wrong with the IDE cables, or the hard drive, or something else is horribly wrong. My computer will not boot anymore into the OS and I’m simply going to wait until the new version of Mandriva comes out so I can format the damn thing and reinstall.

In light of this there will be no show this upcoming week and probably next week as well. I hope to be back podcasting as soon as possible.

What this means is that I’m offically MIA. My opportunities to have free time online depends on other computers, I will try to keep up on deviantart from various places but I can’t be so sure regarding MSN, if that’s the way you usually communicate with me.

Those of you who ever cared to ask have my phone number and you can contact me there after 19:30 each day.

Live long and prosper.

Photos from Tel Aviv FlugTag 2005

None of us really cared about the event which took place this afternoon, which was a bizarre event sponsored by Red Bull. There was all sorts of nonsense involving flying machines and a big lake, but we were more interested in helping promote my friend’s pub. You can find the full-size photos on my flickr page. Please excuse the crappy quality, these were all taken with a VGA phonecam.

Itay, showing off the Alcohome sign.

Trying to put up a shade tent, failing.

Zvika, bartender at the Alcohome and I.

Jeulian, resident photographer and I.

Jeulian kickin’ it on the grass.

Me, kickin’ it on the grass.

New sketches, art, things that go moo.

I’ve been drawing again, I’m not quite sure what’s been fueling this sudden surge of creativity but I’ll take my own advice and shut up and just say thank you to whomever to it may concern. If you want to see any of the drawings I did before these, check out this post.

Water Lily on Sakura linework
I was interested in doing something remotely japanese-style, but after getting the sakura flowers done I realized that while nature is something I personally adore and admire, it’s not quite perfect without a naked midget.

Lironcast Podcast Linework
The linework for the new header image I’m planning for my podcast. I actually managed to find the time to color this in, but as usual, I’m to lazy to upload it to the website.

We deal in dreams
Named after a song by Live, one of my favorite bands. I guess the empty yet questioning look in her eyes set the tune for the music that was to be playing in my head as I drew her.

Smoking Habit
A three minute sketch on 3cm I drew when I probably should have been doing something else at the time.

Eden Penwork
I’m not a big fan of this drawing, especially since I believe I could have taken the concept and gone much further with it. Regardless, I’m very pleased with the way some of the shading came out so I’m excused to be posting this. here is the inital linework if you’re curious.

Lironcast Podcast 2005/09/07 – T-Rex was Fuzzy

Lironcast Podcast #12 is live! Yet another day off from work in the world of Liron, this week I walk about how dinosaurs are actually a fuzzy bunch of folks, an Israeli graphologist suing google (yeah, right), german singer releases his B-sides online and the stuff you can’t do with the music you buy online. OH, don’t forget to send your name to Pluto!

Here are the showlinks for this weeks show:
Virtua Fighter 5 could make a girl drool
Dinosaurs probably looked more like chicks than reptiles
Israeli Graphologist sues google (Hebrew link, here’s one in english, thanks mom!)
All of Farin Urlaub’s B-sides
Farin Urlaub’s video for “Dusche”
What you can (or can’t) do with your purchased music
Send your name with the 2015 Pluto space mission
Linux gets a source code installer
Get your gmail invites here, folks!

Podsafe music for this week:
Farin Urlaub – Petze

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