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Lironcast Podcast 2005/07/27 – Acts of God

Lironcast Podcast #6 is live! This week I talk about being on a navy ship up north, silly protesters, bizarre product warranties, cartoons we know and love, and how to raise sheep in the comfort of your own bathtub! Nope, sorry, I lied about that last one.

Here are the showlinks for this week’s show:
Photo from the Haifa port
Project Geeker LIVES!
BashOdeoPodder for Linux – supported!

Podsafe music for this week:
Gilad Magnus – So Many

Enjoy the show!

Finally outside of Tel Aviv

I finally managed to get outside this goddamned area, and went to Haifa to the family day on the ship my little brother serves on in the Israeli Navy. This ship is the COOLEST thing you have ever laid your eyes on. I spent the entirety of the day in the belly of the IDF’s most technologically advanced missle/torpedo ship, resisting urges to touch all the buttons and play some real-time “space invaders”. It is becuase of my awesome self-control that you are all still alive, I swear. It was so refreshing to see new scenery.

Just before my mother’s digital camera gave way, we managed to capture this photo from the Haifa docks, that’s haifa in the background, my mother on the left, my brother in the middle and I’m at the right.

Massive Music for the Masses

After joining eMusic, installing AmaroK (move over, iTunes), I’ve joined Audioscrobbler. Now you can all stick your heads into my playlist and take a look at the stuff I’ve listened to recently. I’ve joined the eMusic Subscribers group and the Tel Aviv group, and feel free to link me up if you’ve got a page on audioscrobbler, too. There are plugins available for almost every audio player on the planet (yes, iTunes too, sheesh) so no excuse for not signing up unless you’re listening to something really embarassing like Boy George or various Macarena mixes.

Here’s my Audioscrobbler page, knock yourselves out.

Lironcast Podcast 2005/07/20 – Legal Downloading

Lironcast Podcast #5 is live! This week I’m going to be talking about Pauly Shore’s new podcast and show, the new Rio Carbon player firmware, where to buy music online for non-drm files, funny retro-computing, podsafe music and more fun stuff! I like Fuzzy bunnies.

Here are the showlinks for this week’s show:
Yoav’s digital garage sale
Pauly Shore – Minding the Store podcast
New Rio Carbon PlaysForSure firmware music store music store music store/label music store
Podsafe Music Network
“How it works – the computer” ladybird books (david carey 1971)
Don’t forget Intl. BlogDay 2005 Aug31st!

Podsafe music for this week:
Shadowjack – Keep it Together [devart, too!]

Enjoy the show!

Lironcast Podcast 2005/07/13 – Damn ATMs!

Lironcast Podcast #4 is live! This week I’m going to talk about those blasted Bank Teller machines, I’m going to take you on a trip down internet history memory lane with the Mosaic browser, relationships on the bus with people you don’t know, a brand new multimedia music magazine online and so much more! It should be fun, in theory! Geek out! Le Geek, c’est chic!

Here are the showlinks for this week’s show:
The Mosaic Browser
Mosaic, running on Mandrake Linux 10.0
kill.your.FM independant music magazine
Odeo is LIVE! Go sign up, fools!
BashOdeoPodder for Linux
That crazy guy on my intro!

Podsafe music for this week (In order of appearance):
Weirdomusic – Fiber visits the Q Continuum
Seksu Roba – Telstar
Smokescreen – Agoraphobia

Enjoy the show!


For any of you who like to listen to or produce podcasts, Odeo has opened it’s doors. Forget iTunes, folks, Odeo is THE podcasting directory available. If you’re so inclined you can use iTunes or iPodder to donload your Odeo subscriptions, but if you’re on a Mac or Windows you can use the Odeo native client – the Syncr. I have been checking out the beta version for a while, I love the service and am sure you’ll love it too. Don’t forget to check out the Lironcast Podcast channel page on Odeo as well!

Unmount your MP3 player by clicking a button – in LINUX!

If you’ve ever used Windows or a Mac before, you’ll be familiar with disconnecting or unmounting hardware the easy way. Just click the “Safely remove hardware” icon in windows, or on a Mac, just drag the mounted drive to the trash can. On Linux, this can be a little bit of hassle – you have to fire up the command line, log in as root, run the umount /mnt/removable command and then you can disconnect the device. This is uncomfortable and annoying, so I made this little .desktop script for KDE which does this for you – it promts up kdesu when you click it so you still have to enter the root password but that’s basically it, it just unmounts the device. If you have your deviced mounted elsewhere or as a different name you can edit the script pretty easily in your text editor, but to be honest, I just whipped this thing up in 2.5 seconds and it has made my life so much easier as I am constantly attaching my Rio Carbon and my Benq USB flash drive. Please remember this is a KDE desktop file which needs kdesu so it’s not going to work if you have just gnome or a different desktop environment installed.

Download (right click -> “save target as”)

Lironcast Podcast 2005/07/06 – HEAT, Blogday & Xmen

Yes, another cast of the Lironcast Podcast is upon us. This week I’m going to be talking about the blasted weather, International Blogday 2005, Google Earth, A podcast feature, comics, and stuff!

Here are the showlinks for this week’s show:
Dave, My main man
Google Earth
The Podcast Shuffle Show
International Blogday 2005
X-Men: Age of the Apocalypse – The complete epic
Geek-fu Action Grip Podcast
Tokyo Plastic

Music featured in this week’s podcast:
Megaphone – Not Your Enemy
Chad Bloch – What You Want
Guidance – Future

Enjoy the show!

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