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Lironcast Podcast 2005/06/29 – Comics, iTunes, Art

Wednesday’s podcast has been aired, go check-check-checkit out. In this week’s show: computerisms, comicbookisms and sythpopisms. I talk about assaulting a Macintosh with a nerf gun (well, not really, but just about), netlabels, vector art and the mighty bear FOO!

Here are the showlinks for this week:
Todd @ on iTunes 4.9
Etherbrian – computer art
Bear, by Jamie Smart
Lironcast channel on Odeo

Garage Sale!

Here’s a garage sale for you, just without the garage. My friend Yoav is moving abroad, so if you live in Israel you’ve got first dibs on all his stuff.

Here’s what he’s selling:
Art & Lutherie 6 String Acoustic Guitar
Mustek 1200UB Scanner
Samsung SyncMaster 1200NF 22″ CRT Screen
Yamaha P120 Keyboard
His computer (soon)


The Lironcast Podcast – on the air, everywhere!

Well, I’ll be gosh darn damn – the Lironcast Podcast is live, on the air, and ready for download. I’d like to thank Roy Klein for the music in the intro and at the end of the podcast, I hope you all enjoy the first show and continue to tune in! Don’t forget to leave comments!

Click here to visit Lironcast Podcast!


My website was down for three days, I had no idea what was going on, no access to my email, nothing. I emailed my host’s support address from my alternate email, email bounced back. I left two help desk tickets, one was removed, one is still there with no response. Now that I have my website back, the email software I was using which resides on the server is all borked with php errors and my moblog database was wiped clean (!!!), I had to just go ahead and remove it entirely. I even emailed the company which hosts my host, with no response either. I am MAD, MAD, MAD MAD.

New Art and Scribbles

While I’d like to believe I’ve been being relatively dormant, with my crazy work schedule and my constant scratching to find a social life beyond pub-going, I have managed to get a whole lot of drawing done. I haven’t uploaded any of it to my website yet, but it’s all on deviantart and most everything I upload gets there first. Here are links to my recent drawings, comments and critisism is more than appeciated, as always.

Liron’s comic Art from A-Z
This is a step-by-step process description of how I “get my shit done”, from pencil work to digital coloring. It’s pretty detailed, so please read the description on the page before leaving comments.

This is the first poetry piece I’ve uploaded to deviantart even since I joined forces in 2002. I actually write quite a bit, even more than I draw, at times, and I’ve finally decided to stop keeping it to myself. So here it is, be gentle.

This is an initial sketch for Mira, the Giger-esque Humanoid something. She’s not done yet, and at this rate, I doubt she ever will be.

Security, Insecurity
This photo was taken by the talented photographer Vonsh a few years ago (right after my IDF discharge), I decided to take my hands to photomanipulation, which I haven’t done for a while. I don’t think it needs any further description as I personally believe I got my point across.

Stump of an eye
I hopped into Arta by Dizengoff center in Tel Aviv and picked up a Sepia pastel pencil and a size 2 blending stump. This is a 2 minute sketch of something I managed to come up with using both. Unfortunately the original looks nothing like this, because our office scanner is a piece of “udder” crap.

Underwater Sports
The drawing itself, with the amount of time I have free to spend, took about two days. The gills took over TWO WEEKS. Euughhh.

Body Rocking
Unleashing the daVinci in me. Right.

Felix and Ophelia
Once in a blue moon, I allow myself to be outwardly romantic. Felix and Ophelia are my cure to everything I wish and long for, or in layman’s terms, I like this drawing.

She fought alongside the horses
But in this drawing, the horses left her side. When I work on a drawing or a sketch, usually, it becomes alive in my mind; I can see the scene the character is in, like in this instance. As she grew on paper, I couldn’t help but imagine a fierce battle on the outskirts of a large forest, with elves on horses, whipping large sticks around, with war cries and horns blowing from far away.

Itay Faingold, Comic-style
I owe a great deal to a good friend, and this was my way of saying “Happy Birthday!”

Dot, the Black Pixel
A comic for Yoav Erez.

Goodness, a post – with news, too!

I’d write a long, boring post, about the reasons I havent’ been updating and I’d probably give you detail by detail of my insane daily schedule, but that would just bore you, and quite frankly, it’d bore me too.

So…. here’s for some changes around here.
As you can see, posts are dwindling, if that indeed is the correct term for dying out horribly after suffering a painful blow to the spinal cord and perhaps being slapped about the head with a large trout. I cannot maintain this blog. It is not happening. I’d love to, honestly, but I cannot. I tried the moblog thing for a while, and since I don’t actually spend enough time out of the office in order to take pictures of anything interesting, it kinda dwindled out as well. To my defense, I started that up before I started up my new job, which is occupying my life and what is left of my soul.

Upcoming: PODCAST.
Yeah. You heard me right. The podcast will be called “Fish in Stereo” And as soon as I get the technicalities worked out (my Rio Carbon seems to be voice recording to wav with a bizarre encoding type which crashes every Linux app known to man and I’ve REALLY been considering switching operating systems lately) I will have it up and running. I don’t know if it will actually replace the blog itself, but I have a hunch that when it airs, it’ll be updated much more frequently than my weblog.

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