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Web linkage, for your entertainment.

To make up for my lack of posts as of late, here is a list of articles and websites I’ve encountered recently that may, or may not, be of any interest to any of you. Here they are, in not-so-chronological order:

Happyslapping! (article)
It’s a new UK teenage craze set to spread all over the globe: slap an unsuspecting victim in the face down the street, and make sure you’ve got your camphone, digicam or camcorder with you, so you can document the poor victim and show all your friends during highschool recess while you’re getting stoned in the back yard [insert nausea here].

Phrasebase (link)
A web-gem online, in the form of a free (as in speech AND beer) marketplace for languages. Each language has it’s own forum, and users are invited to learn a new language, shape up their language skills, come help teach a language and ask questions. Bless this site, it’s wonderful, and a great example for the community powered internet.

Japanese Streets (link)
If you’re a fan of Japanese street fashion or just love to look and funky colors, cuts and knits, this website closely (well, sortof) monitors the incoming and outgoing trends in Shibuya and Harajaku. Don’t forget to check out the comments left on some of the sillier pictures.

Funny Van Dannen (link)
I don’t quite know where to put this guy; it’s like Eric Idle was thrown a mixture of curry and pepper into his face, put on a stage, given a guitar, and told to sing in German (Ever seen “meaning of life”? Remember “the Penis song”? good).

Microsoft warns users about “Rootkits” (article)
Linux users say: “we had those first, as everything else!”

the-phone-book (link)
Really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, short fiction sponsored by the Arts Council of England (and I’m not joking).

Shenanigans in the City

I went to sign up for my 2nd semester of German this morning at the Goethe Institut in Tel Aviv. It’s located uptown in Asia House, one of my favorite architectural works in the Tel Aviv area. Uptown Tel Aviv is very different from Downtown; very clean and cut well. There’s barely any street grime, all the trees and bushes are always trimmed, the area is riddled with cultural centers and museums, the sidewalks are wide and a good deal of the buildings are highly decorated works of architecture. Interesting still, is the fact that it’s only 20 minutes walk from there to downtown, like crossing over two different planes of existance. Tel Aviv, small as it is, has many different faces.

Uptown and northwards is considered a very “chic” area for both entertainment and living. Apartments are rediculously expensive and it’s usually very clean and quiet. Some of the neighborhoods north of Uptown are so disconnected from Tel Aviv, that they’re not socially considered part of the city at all. Downtown is the where I work and is the point where the city’s street culture and shopping district meet, and is actually mode “mid-town” than anything else. from Ibn Gvirol Street down to Hayarkon, passing through Shenkin, Dizengoff , King George and Alenby. Shenkin st. is to Tel Aviv what Shibuya is to Tokyo, and most of the mosre popular bars and pubs are located on Alenby closer to the beach. South Tel Aviv holds most of the city’s industrial centers although a few popular neighborhoods and is a very socially interesting place to be, albeit not being one of the cleanest areas of the city. Tel Aviv has many more interesting areas and neighborhoods (the port, the promenade, the business district, TAU, Neve Tzedek, Florentine, not to mention Jaffa) but I seldom get to visit. If you’d like to find out more, of course, you can check out the TA Municipality homepage. The site menu doesn’t seem to work properly in Firefox, unfortunately.

I know I haven’t been updating very much lately, I’ve been rediculously busy with my new job and am honestly loving every second of it. I won’t get into details but basically my new job is primarily print-oriented as opposed to the web work I’d been doing beforehand, and I get to dip my hands into textile as well. It’s an entirely new realm of designing for me, but it seems to be working out rather well in the meantime, it just takes some time to make that mental “switch” and to learn to think outside of the 800px by 600px format into new concepts like A4, dual-spread, pantones, and CMYK. To be honest, though, this is what I think I might have been missing out on, but that is an entirely different story which will be told at a different time.

Even if my personal weblog hasn’t been getting the treatment as of late, my Moblog is being constantly updated, since I’m mobile most of the day. So if you’re interesting in seeing some of the things I encounter during my daily commutes in Tel Aviv and elsewhere, that’s the place to be.

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