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Happy 2005, Droogies!

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It’s time for festivity! It’s time for cheer! It’s time for getting completely smashed at a corporate party and forgetting all about it the following morning (sans for that telltale headache) – it’s just about time for 2005!

Being honest, aren’t you glad 2004 is history? Looking back at the past year, it’s clear that a good deal of the things we’ve experienced (both as a collective and as individuals) are well left to the books of time. So, here’s to a hearty, optimistic 2005. “Mi Yiten” that you, your friends, family and collegues stay safe and out of harms way; wherever you may live.

In celebration of the new year, I’ve whipped up a printable greeting card which you can download here. If you’d rather actually purchase it, you can get it as a postcard here or as a folding greeeting card here. If you purchase a pack, it probably won’t make it to your mailbox in time for New Year’s eve, sorry about that. I’ve never been an early bird to get things prepared in time :-P

Eat my unemployment, now with gravy.

I survived today rather well, I’ve been rather sick for the past few days and I was feeling well enough in the evening in order to join some of the iam.bmezine folks for a quick beer at the Tattoo Artshow. I was really impressed by a good deal of the Flash Artwork pieces that were displayed, but wasn’t feeling well enough in order to push my way through the immense crowd in order to get the best possible glimpse at every single piece. I sat ’round with Daniel and had a Goldstar, and discussed how nice it would have been if the exhibit would have had more of a gallery feel to it than a club-scene overtone. Of course there wasn’t much weight to any of that since we were both happy to just sit around with a few beers (cheers! prost! lechayim!).

I’m very glad my social life seems to be getting back on track; I’ve been going out more often, visiting places and experiencing my less-than-immediate vicinity. I’d very much like to get out of the area entirely for a while, before I go back to doing the 9-5 thing. If anyone has any ideas feel free to suggest.

Eat my unemployment!

My first week of my new-found unemployment wasn’t as bad as it would have been under any other circumstance. The fact of the matter is that I’ve gained from the experience more than I’ve lost. I may have found myself without a paycheck, but I’ve gained so much more in terms of work-ethics, work-relations and things to keep an eye out for. The most important thing I’ve learned however, is that It’s alright for me to put my effort to my own use once in a while, and I don’t have to invest it in my surroundings 100% of the time. This may sound like I’m being selfish. I don’t mind. I can take the heat for standing up for myself once in a blue moon.

My friend Uri took me out twice this week in order to get the smile going again. Monday evening he took me to the Minzar pub in Tel Aviv, and even went as far as to be considerate by sitting strategically so I can could drink my beer and scope out the guys (not that there’s anyone who doesn’t look like a blur without my glasses, anyway). Wednesday we had a blast at Mike’s Place down at the boardwalk by the American Embassy. At the end of the evening, after most folks had left, the place turned into a beer-coaster fight.

Friday morning’s German class was when I started feeling sick, so at the moment I’m stuck at home with a horribly bad cold and a nose running worse than a puncture in the Hoover Dam.
Have a great week, and don’t forget to enjoy the weather before it warms back up.


I just lost my job.
Anyone in the Telaviv/Sharon area looking for a full time employee to do webdesign or anything else for that matter? I have a hardcopy portfolio (online portfolio here), a great deal of enthusiasm and I make good coffee.

Mobile Gaming and other such nonsense.

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Back on the topic of much technology we don’t need, last night was 2nd candle lighting Hannukah dinner at Lahad’s place in Tel Aviv. Other then dancing around to Cranberries and Bob Marley, the highlight of the evening seemed to be a cellular phone belonging to one of the girls. It was one of those posh-swanky-diddly-bobby 3rd-generation capable phones which have just been introduced by each of Israel’s 3 major service providers.

Half the crowd was all over this girl’s cellular phone; they were sitting around it like a campfire and watching a chapter of one of Israel’s hit TV series, “Eretz Nehederet” (“Great Country”). After three-quarters of an hour I walked up to what had seemed to turn into a posse and said: “You know, if you’d like to watch some Television, you can turn on the TV. It’s right there” to which one of the girls promptly replied: “Pshhaw! There’s nothing to watch on TV!”. Right.

So, this whole 3rd-generation business is leaving me quite baffled, and it seems like the ordeal is a trifle premature. At the moment of writing, three of the providers introducing the service don’t even have 1/8th of the country in terms of coverage – combined. Here’s the punchline, though: all three providers work with different protocols. Widespread coverage of the service is planned to spread thoughout Israel in the next few years, but a common protocol isn’t planned at all. Fortunately enough, the end of 2005 is supposed to introduce us to a new type of protocol which will allow 3G services between providers. Think of it as Trillian is to ICQ, AIM and MSN messenger.
But that’s at the end of 2005 or even early 2006. So what do we need these things for now, eh? To watch video content channels? If you’re a fan of the popular media, this might prove to be worthwile for your money and time. Of course, so could buying a newspaper. Or watching the news. Or use your WAP browser to check out Ha’aretz or Indymedia.

Now, let’s talk about a subject I’m less critical towards – mobile gaming. It’s a softspot, I admit, so you probably won’t find me singing the same tune as I did above, when talking about cellular phone games. When I was a little girl, we had a gameboy around the house, which usually got played during long road trips to Jerusalem and sported Tetris (the original, folks) and Super Mario. 6 years passed and I joined the military, during which a friend introduced me to the Gameboy Advance: in color! I was in love, of course, but the apparatus was still enormous, and weighed more than my Sony Psyc (ouch).

At some point during my military service (circa mid-2001) I recieved a Nokia 7160. It had a big screen, it had 4 built-in games including Reversi and SnakeII, and it was playable. For the most part. After about two months I had exhausted the games and there was no way to install new ones, so I pretty much gave up on it; I was a soldier, and recieving $75 per month as standard salary from the ministry of defense is not exactly a piggybank’s worth. Color handheld gaming devices were now standard, but expensive.

Dragon Skies
THE mobile game.
The Motorola c650 I got myself two weeks ago wasn’t exactly planned as a gaming device. It’s a phone. I need it to make phone calls. Regardless, it does support Java applications and does a good job if displaying them in color at 128×128. I figure – what the heck, let’s check this out. Among the games I tried out (mainly Rayman3 and Might & Magic curteousy of Cellcom’s Java service, both by Gameloft), I came across Dragon Skies, an adorable game of the “shoot ‘em up” genre (Think Space Invaders) that features a young wizard-ess named Stella, on a mission to save her cat. The graphics are great, the game is fun, overall a wonderful job from Netherland firm Overloaded.

Who knows; since I average about 10 outgoing calls per week and 3 incoming calls, I might scrap the phone as a communication device and just play games. Who needs a SIM card, anyway? goes mobile

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Working a Tech Job

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A: anyway i just made the funniest mistake i’ve ever made on the job
Liron: you peed on the keyboard
A: no but close
A: i needed to use the remote administration program to get to the server in thailand… and Norton Internet Security was open there
A: what do I click instead of “settings”?
A: the BLOCK TRAFFIC button
A: ahahahahah
A: so now it cut me off and i cant get in again
Liron: hahaha
Liron: Haaaaaaaaah yes, you put the “duh” in sys-a-duh-min
A: hehehehe
A: yes :)

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