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Rules of the Road

Last night I cooked (!) enough pasta to feed a battalion, and took the car down to Be’er Ya’akov to visit a friend. It’s a 40 minute drive, going through two of central Israel’s major highways, the Ayalon and Geha. Enough time to pick up some “rules of the road”:

  • If there’s an accident near your exit on the freeway, and the traffic is backed up half a mile, you’re probably going to be swearing at the morons who create the congestion by slowing down near the site of the accident in order to have a look. By the time you get to the area of the accident, you’ll slow down to get a look too, and the poor schmuks half a mile behind you will be cursing the likes of YOU.

  • It’s a bad idea to leave the window open while going 110km p/hour on the freeway, especially by road contruction. Your nostrils will be black and you will be sneezing grime.
  • Honking at a driver who cuts you off dangerously will only have him laughing. Unless she’s busy checking her makeup in the mirror.
  • That fast car going 150km p/hour never signals.

I’m the worst sister in the world…

…for blogging this a day too late…


Overburning woes

The gaming rampage continues; I installed America’s Army last night, and while I didn’t actually have the chance to go online and do it multiplayer-style, I did spend about an hour and a half shooting targets, and had a hell of a lot of fun, took me back four years to the firing range at boot camp, it did! My only gripe is that I can’t seem to be able to properly burn the game onto my newly purchased 800mb CDs (the game is 728mb). I have a drive which supports overburning, I have it enabled in K3B, flicked off multisession, and it still tells me there’s not enough room on the disc and exits with an error. Anyone have any experience with overburning with high capacity CDs under linux? I’d love to hear becuase I have no clue how to get this done. I really don’t need a 728mb installation binary sitting around on my hard drive.

It’s 2pm and I’m at work – I took about 15mins off coding, I’m currently working on optimizing/tweaking HTML for the company’s product. It’s a bitch. but I’m getting on with it quite nicely. Good thing, too, becuase The GIMP was starting to give me a headache.

Oh, and this is an interesting read, if you’re into astronomy.

Imagine That – a Rainbow Cat!

I’m starting to despise weekends. I sit around the house, waste my time downloading game demos (Unreal Tournament 2004 if you MUST know), trying to squeeze an ounce of amusement out of installing various drivers and constantly clicking “get new mail” in my email client. I figured that working my tuchus off during the week would prove for a more satisfying weekend – I was wrong. I can’t seem to draw on paper anymore, television is boring (except TCM), and I actually wait around for Sunday Morning, so I can wake up at 7am and go to work. And if public transportation ran on Saturdays, I’d be at the office. Not because I like my job (although I do), but because weekends have me staring out the window, like a little grounded girl watching the neighborhood kids play outside.

140mb and 25min left for UT2004 demo to download.

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