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We’re Hiring!

The web design/development company I just started working for is hiring more staffers for the webdesign dept. If you live in central Israel, know your HTML, preferrably Flash as well, have a good grip on photoshop, and are looking for a full time design job (9hrs p/day, 5 days a week) for an extended amount of time, please email me with a CV and full contact details.

First day at my new Jeorb!

Thursday was my first day at my new job, and it was great. I’m Art Director for a small start-up webdesign firm in Tel Aviv, along with a good friend of mine (who happens to be CEO, heh) and a team of friendly developers. The office is located in a 13-story high-rise smack in the center of downtown Tel Aviv, in the middle of everything, close enough to my favorite magazine+comicbook stand, favorite coffee shop (Bar Giora, for those who know the area), close enough to everything. There’s a cafeteria downstairs, Thai across the street, and a Boston Deli not too far away.

Basically, my job is to design design design. Did I mention design? I do most of the design work needed by the company, which is not only the web-design needed by the job description, but also most of the design services needed internally by the company, like business cards. I don’t get to use Linux on my office computer, but I do get to use my applications, so at the moment I’m working with Gimp (for raster graphics) and Inkscape (for vector work, which is most of it).

At the moment we’re only 5 people, and 3 of us do the day-to-day thing, and the offices are HUGE for 3 people alone. My friend has his own office space down the hall, our marketer has his own office space as well, and I’m supposed to share the larger office with another two developers and another webdesigner, tow of which hasn’t been hired yet, and another who comes most often in the evenings.

I guess my favorite thing about this job is the view from the terrace. Yes, we have a terrace, and it goes all the way around the building (we share the terrace with the high-tech company across the hall). From the terrace it’s possible to see every single point in Tel Aviv, which is not a small city by any means. From our direct exit onto the terrace you can see the entire shoreline, and from the other side you can see the scyscrapers of the Ramat Gan exchange and Azrieli center. The sunset there is amazing!

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