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So, lets see what this past week has brought upon us. Ordinary, mundane life has been restored to this small country, after two murderous terrorist attacks this week in Tel-Hashomer and Jerusalem. As things are gradually calming down (as they always do after a few days), my city is preparing itself for municipal elections, and the political shit is hitting the fan so hard it’s being splattered all over cyprus. Tonight I’m actually dragging myself out to Tel Aviv to dine & dance as a celebration for Meirav’s birthday. Well, dance at least, most chances are I’ll have to watch other people scarfing down their pasta becuase I can’t even afford stale garlic bread. No worries, I’ll bring some jawbreakers. That’ll keep me busy.

Welcome back, Liron.

So, where was I and what have I left behind? These last five days have been spent visiting Leicster Square, Trafalgar square, Picadilly Circus, Oxford Circus, Marble Arch, Camden Town, Soho, Tower Bridge, Science Museum, Natural History Museum, London Dungeon, The Electric Ballroom, Evil from the Needle, Cold Steel, The Black Rose, Cyberdog, The Reduced Shakespeare company, Adam’s Rib, ALL OVER THE FRIKKIN’ CIRCLE + DISTRICT + CENTRAL + NORTHERN + PICADILLY + BAKERLOO UNDERGROUND LINES, camden market, stables market, various sporadic coffee shops, ect, ect. London was good, but I’m actually glad to be back home. Usually, when I travel abroad, I return home with a sinking stomach feeling. This time around I was actually excited to hear Hebrew again, to encounter rude Israelis, to have some of our instant coffee from our kitchen (with milk, not creamer, ugh), to crawl back into my bed and to make plans for the rest of the week. London is great, but I don’t think I quite connected to the place. Of course, that is to be seen, when I crawl out of bed tomorrow morning and look right when crossing a two-way street.

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