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Up, up and away!

I’m at my friend’s house right now, suitcase all packed and ready, and in a few hours I will by flying for a week in London. I will have minimal internet access while, I’m there, so I’ll try as best I can to answer emails and messages, although if it’s urgent, call my cellphone (it’ll ask you for an access code, those of you who need to know it, already do.). Ya’ll take care!


I started cleaning my room today, and it seems to me that I’m removing alot less trash than I should. I’m pretty much a scavenger, my room is full of so much useless stuff I don’t need, books from when I was 10, collections of anything and everything, none of which I never got rid of and probably plan to keep. If I ever manage to move to the united states, I have no clue as to what to do with all of this. Shipping my stuff abroad is going to cost me more than I can even imagine, but keeping everything in my room when I’m gone is completely out of the question. When I leave, I’m probably going to be gone for so long, that it’d be rediculous to ask my parents to keep my room the way it is and not turn it into something else. In other news, while I was cleaning the mess, Alon and Anat came over and made 4 enormous rolls of vegan sushi (that’s 32 pieces!). My stomach is very happy right now.


I finally fixed the problem with my keyboard. I don’t know who it was that coined girls messing with hardware being sexy, but I spent the afternoon taking stuff apart and putting it back together, and I ended up being all full of dust and ikk. There past few days with my keyboard has been pretty amusing, I have to admit. Every time I hit “backspace”, the CD tray ejected, every time I hit the letter “h” the internet connection dialog would pop up, and every time I hit “m”, a period dot would be inserted before or after it (at random). Trying to type a decent scentence was a complete disaster, so I’m glad I got that out of the way. See, that’s what happens when you’re broke – you’ve got to *gosh* solve your own problems! My keyboard problems (and lack of patience) drove me to the television, where our local movie channels decided to be decent with us and air “Wing Commander” (crappy movie, but you gotta love Matthew Lillard) and “Rosemary’s Baby“. All hail for decent television and CD trays being taken over by spirits.

Friday night and nowhere to go…

I’m in a good mood, listening to some bitchin’ tunes and hyped up on coffee, I’m in the mood for some dancing tonight, but unfortunately I’m completely broke and can’t afford club admission. SO… I’m up for some solo mirror dancing! I think I’m going to take a shower just so I can sing in it, or maybe I’ll do something creative like drawing on old canvas bags. I’m going to hang around online for about another hour (and listen to Rob Zombie doing “Blitzkreig Bop” on repeat – No offense Mr. Ramone), and then I’ll go make use of myself. Everybody have a grrrrrreat weekend!

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