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Auto modders: 0, Israeli police, 1.

I don’t know anything about cars, but I think I know enough about my government and it’s police system to know they’re being ignorant and prejudiced (again). Last week, a 17 year-old was killed in a car crash while street racing and today an article was posted in one of Israel’s leading national newspapers. While people argue the fact that street racing is on the rise here in Israel becuase the sport of Motor Racing is illegal here (for some reason), but in this article, the journalist, speaking to “professionals”, decided to put the blame on, you guessed it, Auto modders. According to them, people who mod their cars (engine, exhaust, brake system, ect ect) do it in order to race their car illegaly. The article calls street racing “meetings of people with modded cars”. This article holds a plethora of rediculous statements such as “people who modify their vehicles don’t protect themselves (do not apply seat belts)”. According to this general notion, if I hack and modify my personal computer operating system, does that make me more likely to persue illegal hacking activities? And if my body is modified and I’m pierced, does that make me more likely to go around stabbing people? If I paint my home, does that make me more likely to go around spraying grafitti on people’s windows?

Punk sushi (sex and violence)

Wednesday night was “Punk nite” at the “Comma II” club in Tel Aviv. I don’t have too much to say about it, there was a little bit of Sex Pistols, The Ramones, Dead Kennedys, Toy Dolls, ect. I was actually expecting some contemporary stuff as well (as the flyer advertised), and I don’t really remember anything by MxPx, NOFX, Anti-Flag, Pennywise, The Ataris, hell, I don’t think there was any Bad Religion, and that’s a little less contemporary. I might have missed a good deal of the night, though, since at some point I got fed up when they started playing a whole lotta cyber-punk bullshit, so I went outside and remained there for the rest of the night. I did drink, though, something I usually don’t do at all. I had a beer. Yes, ladies and gents, a BEER. ONE ENTIRE BOTTLE OF CARLSBERG! That concludes my drinking for the next half-year, I’m assuming. Yesterday I met up with Koby. We rented “Jackass: The movie“, and laughed our asses off. I’m tying my favorite bits between steve-o snorting wasabi and him getting tattooed by Johnny Knoxville on a hummer being driven by Henry Rollins on a bumpy road. Later that evening I watched “Saving Grace” on the movie channel, and went to bed. This evening I was at Alon’s place for some home-made sushi, which turned out to be a giant success. Other than that, I’m expecting myself to be overly social this upcoming week – A friend of mine just returned from 6 months in Austria, Koby is leaving for Germany, both Roy and Shay are leaving for the United States for an extended period of time, And I’ve been getting in touch as well with some ye-olde friends of mine.

Things to do when you have nothing to do.

First of all, I’m ecstatic that my design for the new website has been launched. I’m pretty proud of myself there, I think I did a nice job. This evening Anat, Roi, Tal, Shira and myself went to Tel Aviv to hang out. After we finished having coffee at Bar Giora, the waitress told us that they were just about ready to close the place for the night, so we asked if the pub/snooker room upstairs was still open, she said it was, so Anat and Roi went for a round of pool. There wwas music coming from the bottom level, though, so we decided to go check it out. Turns out that there was some sort of CRAZY INSANE party going on downstairs. We had no idea if it was a closed event or whatever, and we also didn’t care. We just stayed there and danced for about half an hour, and eventually were joined by Anat and Roi. And that was the end of it, but I arrived home at about 4:30am, pooped.

w00t! I suck!

So here I am, sitting in front of the goddam beige box. Rewind story (how very Pulp fiction of me), 3 hours ago I was sitting in the middle of the rollerblade rink in Herzlia’s Sportech, while Roy and Alon were playing hackeysack. I turned to them and said “wanna go to down south in a few weeks?” Roy said he couldn’t since he was going back to Chicago in a week and a half, so they decided it would be a better idea to just pack their bags and go south that very minute. So we wen’t over to Alon’s house so he could get his bags together, they kept trying to convince me to be spontaneous and come with, and I kept making up excuses, trying to convince myself I didn’t want to go, that I couldn’t go, just throw everything and leave like that, when I had things to do during the week. What would I have done if I was 16? What would I have done if I was 18? But I’m this pathetic excuse for a 21 year old who’s being optimistic about leaving next year and throwing it all behind, but the reality is that I can’t even do that now for 4 days.

You would cry too if it happened to you.

You’re going to have to excuse the morbid humor, but this article had me on the floor. This, my friends, is only something you’d see happening in Israel.

For those of you who don’t read Hebrew, I’ve included a handy translation:
Wandering camels in Southern Israel have taken their toll once again. The cab driver slammed into the camel on the Dimona – Be’er Sheva road. During the last year, further victims have died due to collisions with wandering camels. At the beginning of April, another man died at the same spot, when he too, slammed into a camel. In August of last year, four family members died when a truck driver, who swerved to miss a wandering camel, hit the family’s vehicle. Police have been conducting operations in order to capture wandering camels – yesterday, nine camels were caught wandering down the street between Jerucham and Sd’e Boker, and were trasferred to Be’er Sheva for containment.

Can’t camels hang out with the guys, too?

I just checked the news website comments to the article, and I had to share this one with you:
They should put glowsticks on the camels!

welcome to Israel, please watch your step.

In acustoming myself to being back in Israel, I fell down the stairs today at the Ra’anana mall. On my way out from McDonalds (curses!), I slipped and fell, and landed on my rear. I am assuming that my behind will continue to be painful for a few days, I’m thinking I’m going to be staying in.

greetings once again from Herzlia, Israel.

The journey home was odd. During the flight from Chicago to JFK, the plane entered the path of a jet-stream from a jet plane. The aircraft dropped a few feet and partially jerked sideways. Fortunately I had my seatbelt on, because if I hadn’t, I would have been stuck to the cieling. I can’t say much for the girl sleeping in the isle beside me, who didn’t have her seatbelt on and was pretty much plastered to the cabin wall. The flight from JFK to TLV was absolutely fine, I got about 7 hours of sleep and landing was smooth. I was “randomally” picked for the Israeli police drug questioning, so that tool about 20 minutes, and I was out of there. Shortly after leaving the airport, me and my father seemed to get stuck in traffic on highway 5 north (ayalon). Turns out that there was some sor of police block due to something that looked like a terrorist rigged vehicle, so we were parked on the highway for about an hour, walking alongside the car, talking to people, standing on the roof of the car, ect. Very much like REM’s “everybody hurts” video. After being at home for about 10 minutes, I ventured on over to my little brother’s highschool graduation ceremony. I left in the middle (bad me) in order to have my “welcoming comittee” (Anat, Alon, Roi, Noa and Shay) meet me at home. It’s just about 4am, and I’m here in Israel on Minnesota time (it’s about 6pm for me), so I’m going to try and catch some sleep. Tomorrow noon I’m off to start looking for a job. Sounds as exciting as it probably is. And that’s not much. I’d really rather be back in Minnesota right now.*sigh*. g’night.

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