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well, this is where it ends, for now.

I’m just about to head off to bed for my final night in the United States, this will be my final post until I get back to Israel. I thought to sum up these past few weeks in a few words, but doing so would be nearly impossible. I can only be disspointed that I didn’t extend my stay. Unfortunately, that wouldn’t be possible, since now that I have college application forms in my hands, I need to return to Israel and make arrangements. The things I’ve seen, the people I’ve met, new friends and old, the experiences I’ve gone through and the overall sense of peace and hapiness I’ve felt here have made these past two weeks in the Twin Cities only strengthen my desire to find my way back here, on a more permanent basis, in the near future. Where to go from here? As wise men have said, all roads lead to Rome, and I’m positive that the paths I take will lead me where I want to be most. This is Liron, in Crystal, Minnesota, signing off for tonight, all packed and ready for a long trans-atlantic flight tomorrow. I wish you all the best.

stories from downtown

well, you lucked out if my domain weblog is my only blog you follow. I had posted yesterday, but I couldn’t post to my website since blogger were moving to a new version. So here’s the rundown. Yesterday was a little more driving, I visited the Art Institutes MN, right in the hub of all that is downtown Minneapolis. It’s a small school, very family-like and very laid back. After that I didn’t do much, got back to my aunt’s, went shopping for some essentials (razorblades and a crapload of airheads, if you must know). And that was it. I mooched around online for most of the day and made plans for the rest of the week. Today I went to the University of Minnesota to see the CLA transfer adviser and the the International student adviser. Odd I’d have to see both of them since a) I’m not transferring from anywhere and b) I’m not qualified as an international student, since I’m an american citizen. In any event, it sucked. The people I met were very nice, but walking down the UofM campus made me feel like I was back in the army, walking across the base. It’s too large, the students are all faceless, everyone’s highschool-esque clique-ey. I hated it. I hated it to the point where I never want to go there again. I knew that the chances of me wanting to actually apply for the U were very slim in the first place, but actually being there strengthened that notion. The second I got there I wanted to leave. Although I did manage to pick up a catalog and an application form to please my parents. I did what I had to do, I visited the U, I brought home stuff, I hope they’re not dissapointed in me anymore.

Minneapolis today.

This afternoon I ventured on over to MCAD for my portfolio review. They were impressed… My portfolio was accepted for submission and I got some forms to fill out and send it to complete my application. Then I headed on over to Josh, we had lunch, and went over to the lake for a swim. That’s when the Tornado warning sirens went off. Fortunately enough nothing happened, although it was very odd for me to see groups of clouds floating fast into each other’s direction. I drove around alot in the city by myself today, and I impressed myself very much with my navigational skills. I took no wrong turns (tfu tfu!) and ended up getting where I needed to go, and early. Tomorrow I have a meeting/tour with the nice folks at AIM in the morning, all in all this has been a good, satisfying day.


well, here’s today’s rundown… My cousin and her kids came by for lunch, so did my aunt’s mother, after that Jason took me to the car rental place to get the car, it’s a metallic red ford escort, so if you see one of those driving ’round downtown Minneapolis in the next few days, be sure to gimme a honk :) unfortunately it turned out to be much more expensive then I thought it’d be, so I’m going to be returning it this friday, instead of keeping it through the weekend. We drove to Mall of America so I could pick up a few things for a few friends and my youngest brother, after returning to my Aunt’s place, I met Bill for coffee in golden valley, and now I’m here again. I’ve been drawing my ass off for my portfolio, tomorrow is the big, big day when MCAD reviews it. I’m just about done with a cartoon-esque rendering of my aunt’s family room (oooh, exciting), I’m going to finish it tomorrow morning, do a quick landscape sketch, finish up some last minute things and head on over to the college. I’m really hoping I can schedule something at the UofM in the next few days, I’ve just been so busy with working on my drawings that I put off talking to other colleges (even though I have talked to the U, but I need to schedule up). So right now, I can’t really see straight, I was planning on staying up a while longer to finish the family room drawing, but I found myself nosediving into the sketchpad and drawing akward lines. I’m not doing myself any good by staying awake any longer, so I’m going to run off and hit the sack for tonight and try to wake up at around 7am to get things done and put together. So have a good night, to all of you in the United States, and good morning (8am!) for those of you in Israel. Wish me luck!

doin’ summudat Minnesota thang

I’m at my aunt’s house right now, killing time, hopefully I can make it the science museum today. Yesterday I went power shopping with Jason, I got new sunglasses (finally), a new CD case (finally) a few presents and an issue of Punk Planet and Tattoo Savage. I got a few CDs, nail polish, some presents and office supplies. We also stopped by Captive Elements in Blaine. That’s one good lookin’ Tattoo studio. Other than that I haven’t been doing much, Next week I’m hoping to get together with Bill and my old elementary school friend, Misha, and a few of my mother’s friends as well. My portfilio review for MCAD is on Tuesday, and I’m going to try to set up an interview at the UofM on Wednesday. And, I heard throught the grapevine that there’s a 50’s auto show at the fairgrounds on Sunday, so I hope I’ll be able to make that as well. Now I’m off for some *me* time, work on my drawings, maybe paint my nails and relax. I took a crazy-long bath before, teehee, I smell nice! Anyway, much love to all of you, I’ll update s’more when I have something of essence to update about. I’ve been reading my email (mom, stop forwarding me junk), so feel free to contact me.

Hola and Bonjour from Crystal, Minnesota.

Ikk. I had a bad trans-atlantic flight. My predictions had come true, and sure enough, vulgar amounts of Hassidic Jewish children were on the plane – and RIGHT IN FRONT ON ME. 11 hours. screaming kids. snoring businessmen. you get the picture. The food was alright, and the flights to chicago and to minnesota where a.o.k. Josh picked me up from the airport, we hung out for a bit, and later on me and my Aunt went to see my cousin and her kids. We did a little makup shopping at Target after that, and here I am now, getting ready for bed. Today was exhausting, I can’t see straight, and coffee doesn’t seem to be helping me, so I’m caving in. I’ll update soon when I can type straighjthbg,fbhvn..fdguyu ..rtiuhbg /?? tighb fhvghads iktyh999

music for the flight

I have decided that I’m going to create a music compilation for the duration of the Tel Aviv – Chicago flight. I usually buy my music and not burn it, but I’m willing to make an exception in this case since I’m tight on cash and I’m in dire need of new ear candy. So here’s where you fit in – I need recommendations! I usually listen to punk rock, ska, alternative, grunge, sythpop, futurepop, ebm, industrial, dark wave, new wave and a little breakbeat, but I’m open to suggestions beyond these genres (please refrain from any country music, heavy metal, r&b, pop music and Israeli oriental). Please be specific, though, don’t recommend “anything by…”, tip me on some songs which would be pleasant for a long flight.

if foul language offends you, stay away from this post.

I’m flying to Minnesota in 5 days! 5 days! only 5 days! and I’m going by myself! fuck fuck fuck fuck holy fuckin’ cow! [this message was brought to you by the people who are sick and fucking tired of being PC. Go cry in the corner, you turds.]

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