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geeky update du jour

I’ve been doing some more windows UI tweaking, and this time I attacked my Internet Explorer with resource hacker. Roi gave me a special set of icons he was working on for a myIE2 skin, I replaced my standard explorer icons with those (back, forward, refresh, home, ect). I added a dotted bitmap to my toolbar backgrounds using toolbar control (it was more comfortable for me to use a plugin, but you can actually do this by adding a simple registry string). I also ended up removing the “address” text and changing some of the “zone” icons (the ones that sit one the bottom-right of the window and tell you if you’re browsing the internet or your local files). Yesterday, when finalizing most of this stuff, what was probably going to happen sooner or later – did. My IE6 just stopped working, every time I tried to open it it gave me one of those rediculous Microsoft apology screens. Normally I wouldn’t mind, since I could have used myIE2, but this was affecting my active desktop, so I had to reinstall IE6. Wasn’t a problem, although I was aware of the fact that it was going to happen sooner or later if I continue to hack into system files. Something is bound to go wrong, and when that’s the situation, it usually does. I backed up all the tweaked files and replaced them when I was done uninstalling – reinstalling, but watching my browser revert back to IE5 (minimal CSS support) before re-installing IE6, when I’m running active desktop and taskbar toolbars based on HTML with heavy css usage, was an amusing experience, to say the least. The notorious “red x” was running wild all over my screen, my taskbar looked like it had been at war. In short it looked like a bad “angelfire” website. pffft. Too bad I didn’t take a screenshot, but this is what my IE6 looks like after some tweaking:

3D Digital Models and lack of sleep

On the Night between Wednesday and Thursday I didn’t sleep at all. My hours were so off that it came to the point where I found myself still on my computer and before bed at 10am on Thursday, and I decided to just stay awake. I went to the post office (twice), the ministry of interior, and the bank, got myself an international license and an international credit card for my upcoming trip tot the united states. I had a little bit of money left over, so I got myself a book – “Digital Beauties” from Taschen’s “Icons” series, a book of artist’s works depicting 2D and 3D female digital models. This is where the rant begins. I managed to distinguish three distinct types of artists who participated in the book – The perfectionists, the realists, and the surrealists. The perfectionists were the ones who’d take the general ideal of female perfection dictated by frat-houses, hollywood, and the “Mattel” corporation (in this case, DD-cups, blond hair, and legs the length of the big ben) in order to attemp to create the “perfect woman”. The realists, on the other hand, were the ones trying to make their figures look real. Utilizing things like slight imperfections and even more obvious ones, some of these artists manages to create digital models that look frighteningly human. And where, between all these, are the surrealists? The group you’d think to find poineering in every aspect of computer graphics, expecially those in model and figure creation, can be found throught this 190-page book, maybe three times, accross the span of 16 pages. This astounds me. I’d like to think, that those of us with the gift of graphics creation, those of us dealing with molding and creating the human body, it being putty in our hands, would opt to mold it into something else, play with the human body, create an entity from an entity. Unfortunately it seems that the CG world is far too busy creating fake popstars and digital pornography, only a few CG surrealists manage to peek through the crust of a world they’re seeking to change.

warning: geeky update

well, I’ve been fiddling around with my desktop tonight, and I’ve managed to do something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. First off, I wanted to kill the start button (completely. I hate it), and then find a way to execute .exe files from an active desktop without getting the “run or save as” dialog. I found a way not only to do both, but to integrate both of them to allow me to keep the start menu while killing the button. First off, I installed Start Killer, which effectively removed my start button. I downloaded a program called presstart which is an executable file which activates the start menu (!!!). So far so good, but what now? This page pointed me to install a simple run protocol handler which allows me to add a small command in the a=href tag of an HTML page (like active desktop) which will run a program at a specified location (like a program on your computer). I integrated this tag while linking a .gif icon on my active desktop to the program which executes the start menu, and voilla! Not only dows it work and work well, both programs (the start killer and the presstart) have minimal memory imprint and are virtually unnoticed. The beauty of this, is that HTML being HTML, you can have this start menu trigger be virtually anything – a flash animation, a piece of text, a photo of your grandmother’s cooking. Here’s a screenshot of what my desktop looks like at the moment, you’ll notice that the start button is gone and there’s a translucent task icon on the top left of the screen. If you click it, you’ll get the start menu.

well, the only problem I’ve encountered with this so far is the fact that you don’t have the “start button” (aka my active desktop icon) always on top. This is corrected by simply using the “start menu” button on the keyboard. Most newer keyboards have this.


Just got back from seing Apoptygma Berzerk in Tel Aviv as the last leg of their “world harmony” tour – they ROCKED THE HOUSE. They were warmed up by the Vultures and Observe and Control, after about two hours Apoptygma got on stage – I was absolutely blown away at what an amazing preformance they gave. The vibe in the audience was nothing short of astronomical. I had the best time I have had in ages. After the show, me, Roi, Amit and Liviu went for burgers, and now I’m home, tired, beat, and the happiest girl in the world (with an APB t-shirt, heh). The second Eyal makes his photos public, I’ll make sure to post them here so you can see what I mean when I say “amazing preformance”.

it’s my barfday

well, it’s may 9th already, according to the Israeli time zone, so, errr… I’m 21. I hope I have a good day.

I hate Wednesdays.

I got to see Equilibrium tonight, which was nice, since I like Christian Bale, and I also got to see a few episodes from the Animatrix. Other than that I didn’t really do anything today, other than feeling guilty that I didn’t wake up earlier and actually do something productive, like working on my portfolio or working on a few websites I need to do. So now it’s 04:00am, and I’m staring blankly at the screen. If anybody who is reading this that lives in my area, please call me and meet me for a late night / early morning stroll. I’m really lonely.

I look like a hobo and I feel like a horse.

After last night’s excursion (watching Donnie Darko with Shay and Noa, and staying online until almost 8am), I seem to have slep oddly – I woke up this afternoon with my neck completely shot. So today I’ve been applying eucalyptus cream to my neck, and I’ve been walking around with a hindu scarf, and I’m still in my pajamas, with a collar-ripped shirt to expose my back to air (so fibers and other junklings don’t get stuck to my new tattoo, or the baphanten). So I look like I’ve been living on the streets for a while, and I can’t turn my neck properly so I feel like a horse with peripheral (sp?) vision restraints. Anat came over and we rented signs a movie I saw when I was in colorado springs last year and wasn’t to thrilled with, but she wanted to see it, so I caved in. The entire movie, I had “if you build it, he will come” repeating itself in the back of my head. Too bad that with my neck pain, I couldn’t turn around and slap it off. A-hahaha. Bwahah, hah. *snort*

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