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so, ummm, hi again

I haven’t been here for a while, I just had nothing much to blog about, and as they say, no news is good news… My 21st birthday is next friday, so if you’re in the mood to support a bookworm, you’re more then welcome to, I’ve been lacking reading material lately and there are a good bunch of books I that you just can’t get in Israel, so if you’re feeling generous… teehee.. andyway, I also got tattooed yesterday, you can see a photo of the finished product here, so my back aches like it’s been sunburned and I’ve been religiously applying creamstuffs… I hope I won’t need a touch up, the tattoo was done on my spine and it was a tad painful. I’d blog about the meaning of the design, but I have no strngth to do it right now, so I’ll keep it for my next post or something. Anwhoo, I’m going to be in the USA in June, so if you’re planning on being in the twin cities area around that time, you’re welcome to meet me for coffee! I’m at a serious financial problem at the moment, which means I can’t stop off in NY (even though my flight connects there) to visit dina. And that really really sucks becuase I miss her a ton. Hopefully my MN trip will allow me to finally get myself into a nice art school and I’ll be able to get back on track, so far I haven’t really been doing much with myself besides drawing and posting on various forums. I promise to give a more in-detail update of a few things (like my tattoo, and the upcoming trip to the states), as soon as I manage to get things together in my mind enough for me to be semi-coherant. And no, I haven’t been drinking or doing drugs. sheesh.


boy, am I in the mood for decapitating. I just got back from the club, and had a very (understatement) unpleasant evening. Shortly after my friend Yuval left, I sat by the amp, minding my own business, when someone I’ve never seen before approaches me. He said “I’ve been watching you all evening, you have beautiful eyes, I can’t live without you”. I laughed. “Why are you laughing? Am I being funny? Do I make you laugh?”. “No,” I said, “I’m just very complimented”. He then proceeded to try and force me to kiss him. I panicked, and pushed him. He left. Now, I don’t know if this is some sort of rationable behavior between Israeli men. I don’t. I don’t know if this is a common thing or not, since I’m not the sort of person who usually gets hit on at clubs, or elswhere. But what I’d like to know, is what kind of rational, what line of thought, would make someone come to the conclusion that something like that would be legitimate. I don’t care much for anything that falls under the category of “normal” behavior, since “normal” is a subjective term. What I know, and all that I know, is when I feel comfortable with someone, and when I feel intimidated by someone. Maybe I have my standards set too high when it comes to someone I’d like to date. Maybe I do – but I don’t care, because if I settle for someone I’m not happy with, someone who doesn’t make me feel good, someone who doesn’t make me laugh, someone I can’t have good coversations with, and here’s the biggie: someone who has lost his inner child, if I settle for someone like this, I’m going to end up kicking myself. So I’ll end up being an old maid. Whatever. As long as I didn’t live my life surrounding myself with people who didn’t make me smile.

there’s something really, really wrong.

me head hurts, my throat is all chaffy, my stomach, don’t even get me started about my stomach. My lower back is completely shot. I have no idea what’s going on. I was going to wake up ealry today, and get some work done… I ended up only getting out of bed at 5:30pm because I couldn’t move without crying out in pain. I woke up to this (taken from my mother’s weblog), plus a few more disturbing links she posted (if you’re interested, pick them up from there. I’ve grown tired of posting politically at the moment). How was your “morning”?

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