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“The only natural thing that I really despise are mediocre minds.” (Bad Religion)

I went to the post office today to send packages to a few friends, and when I went up to the teller she got wide eyed and raised to eyebrows to the point where it seemed they would blend in with her hairline (which seemed to be receding, but that’s beside the point).
Teller: I can’t even look at that! (looks down)
Me: excuse me?
Teller: I mean, that must’ve hurt! Didn’t it hurt?
Me: Of course it did, I’m not going to lie to you.
Teller: But still..
Me: It’s a quick, sharp pain, and it ends in a few seconds.
Teller: If my daughter came home with anything like that, I wouldn’t let her into the house. What do your parents think of that?
Me: They’re used to it, but even so, I’m not at the age where they can make those kinds of decisions for me.
Teller: How old are you?
Me: Almost 21.
Teller: I thought you were 17-18.
Me: Hmph.
Teller #2: Hey, what’s going on over there?
Teller: Come see this! The thing in her nose!
Me: (turns around)
Teller #2: Ugh!
Teller: I told my daughter that she can pierce only her navel, but my husband won’t agree. One time my brother came home with two tattoos… (shakes head)
Me: Where do I stick the air mail stickers?
Teller: Next to the address. (gives stamps) Put these on the top right.
Me: (nods and licks stamps)
Teller: (stares again) and what about…if you want to…you know?
Me: (lowers head and flips up septum into nose) There.
Teller: Aaaak! Doesn’t that HURT?
Me: No, there’s no reason it should.
Teller: (stares)
Me: Is that all?
Teller: (nods)
Me: Thank you.
Teller: NEXT!

This weekend I finally went out.

After about two months of staying in, I decided that this weekend I was going to get dolled up, hit the town, and dance ’till morn’. Thursday night was a nice try, but it didn’t work out as well as I had hoped. I took the the alternative that night, our thursday nu metal/metal/alternative rendevous. It would have turned out fine if I wouldn’t have started to get all feverish at around 03:00am, and 15 minutes after that, I was in the war, driving home Oh well. Friday right was (another) re-opening of the “Azimut” club by the Tel Aviv boardwalk. The deal was, that we pay enterance fee, and get stamped for *two* clubs – the “azimut” (which had two of my favorite DJs spin 80’s, synthpop, EBM and industrial, and the “boardwalk cinema club” which had the line’s resident DJ spinning everything from Fear Factory to Tool (and some foo fighters). So I found myself hopping between both clubs the entire night, mind you I was wearing a spaghetti-strap dress, and it was COLD outside. It was nice to see everyone again, I haven’t seen most of these people in months, and all of them thrown together managed to put a smile on my face. People thought I had dissapeared – “what are you doing here, where have you been, aren’t you in the united states?”. Turns out people where under the impression that I had left the country. I got recognized by my tattoo twice that night – “hey you!” (pointing at my tattoo) “you’re my ex-boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend!” (this really was my ex-boyfriend’s ex. and she was very drunk nice about the whole issue) and “that’s okay, she doesn’t need a stamp to get in, I recognize her by the atom. we used to work at the nuclear plant together” (the “boardwalk cinema club” bouncer, thinking he was being funny). I danced more in the first 10 minutes after I arrived, than I have danced in months (which, at about 04:00am, found me at a loss of energy and I almost fell asleep on the couch, which would have been nostalgic if it would have happened – I tend to fall asleep at clubs all the time). So now It’s saturday, I’m awake, although I have a very scratchy voice and I’m on constant doses of strepsils. gilad is on his way to pick me up for my daily coffee fix, I think I’ll make my latte a double.

here’s another tip.

don’t rent rollerball either.

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