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stole this from noa

I AM NOT: pleased with myself.
I WAS: once someone who was easily pleased.
I WAS NEVER: a drug addict.
I WILL BE:whatever life’s events eventually turn me into.
I WILL: cut down on lactose.
I WILL NOT: frustrate others when I myself am frustrated.
I LIKE: sleeping late
I LOVE: my friends.
I DISLIKE: avocado.
I HATE: daily newspapers.
I WANT: to be someone who can make up her mind..
I NEED: to be aknowledged as a free individual.
I DONT WANT: to slowly rot (metaphorically speaking).
I DONT NEED: to be lectured.
I SHOULDN’T: smoke.
I’D LIKE TO OWN: a telescope.
I LISTEN: to way too much electro-crap.
I EAT: whatever can be heated in 50 seconds.
I DRINK: water.
I SMOKE:Pall Mall lights.
I DRESS:in jeans and a t-shirt.
I LAUGH: not as much as I should.
I DRIVE: my father’s Honda Civic.
I PLAY: goldenaxe, on occasion.
I CRY: when I have a reason to.
I YELL: as little as possible.
I DREAM: of things that are better left unsaid.
I FEEL: de-branched.
I MAKE: things with fimo.
I SAY: “for me to poop on” more than I should.
I WISH I COULD: find out what’s keeping me tied-down.
I WISH I WAS: someone who stood for what she believed in.
I WISH I WASN’T: sittining front of the computer at this hour.
I AM HAPPY: when I get balloons.
I AM HORNY: yeah.
I LOVE MYSELF: define “love”, and get back to me.
I WANT TO ______RIGHT NOW: kick myself for being awake.
I WANT TO ______ TOMORROW: eat properly

taking to the ballots

yes, I am aware that I’m actually referring to yesterday, and that it’s 04:30am and I’m not in bed yet. I know this. Shut up. – well, the process of voting for our new government was as meaningless as the outcome probably will be when they count the votes. The people running the ballot where I voted looked like they couldn’t care less about anything going around in their immediate surroundings, ballot slips were on the floor and there were actually zip to zilch people who showed up to vote. There was no line, I just pranced right in, took 10 seconds behind the pane, and shimmied out of there, and went to have coffee and pie with Amnon, a friend of mine. Last night me and Amir went to see guidance, a wonderful Israeli band, and had a great time. I met an old, old, old friend of mine from back when I was 10th grade, and another guy who served in the military with me. My mother came back from the United States today and showered me with two Anne Rice novels (“Violin” and “Servant of the Bones”), and, of course, enough candy to assure me a root canal by the time I’m 22 (which isn’t that far into the future). My Aunt had obviously taken her to costco (and all I got was this lousy pack of lactaid! ha ha!). In other news, it was announced today that iam.bme is turning from free-to-fee. I understand the need to change the service terms, there are thousands of users and it’s a giant community which generates a mega-wad of bandwidth consumpion, which ends up being very pricey for Shannon. Ever since I joined IAM last year, the community has taught me much, and the relationships that I have developed within the BME “virtual housing” have been more meaningful than any other relationship developed through an online community. I would hate to leave IAM, and I’m seriously considering paying the monthly fee. Trouble is, I’m not so sure others will see it the way I do, and IAM is bound to lose 3/4 of it’s members by the end of February. *sigh*. I just hope that in whatever direction iam.bme decides to head, it will be a productive one.

quiet weekend

Thursday night I was supposed to mooch over to the alternative at the Kat balu. Got picked up, drove to Tel Aviv – sitting in the parking lot to the club, all dressed up pretty, we decided not to go in, but to go home and go to sleep. So that’s what we did during the weekend, lounged around and did nothing. This entire weekend had a cloudy feeling to it, everything was very vague and dull, time seemed to pass by like a vat of jello squirming down the sidewalk on a hot day. yawn.

Hyper Turtle Mayhem Lyposuction

It rained really hard most of the day today, which gave me more of a better excuse to stay indoors and work on this site. My fever has gone down completely, and my headache has subsided in the past few hours, so I’m pretty set for another day at work tomorrow. I’ve pretty much finished the basic site-stuff around here, so I allowed myself to do some tweaking today. I uploaded some art, edited the portfolio thumbnails, added a few link buttons and improved some minor navigation issues. I’m very pleased with the way things are taking form, I can honestly say that I believe it has turned out far better than I expected it to. So, what’s next? I have a whole bunch of pen n’ ink waiting to be scanned, so the second I find someone with a scanner I’ll seduce him/her into a late-night scanning session (bwahaha!). Tonight I’ll be able to sleep without dreaming in HTML or CSS (man, I don’t think I ever want to see the way this site looks in a browser that doesn’t support css. That’ll throw me off of wedesign for good), and maybe tomorrow I’ll…I dunno, read a book. Yeah. a book. -over & out-

I’ve done it! I’ve done it! I think I…(zzzzzzzzzzzzz)

I finished uploading the new layout, and in the meantime I’ve finished fixing all of the bugs I’ve found and am just about ready to have a smoke and go to sleep. I still have a slight fever, and chances of me going to work tomorrow are slim – my headache seems to be going away and coming back in a very random fashion, I have a feeling I’m going to wake up early tomorrow and go to the doctor. My fever seems to be jumping up and going back down and I don’t think that’s a very good sign. Amir was over earlier and I was talking in HTML, it was pretty rediculous – I suprised myself at my supreme ability to speak in tags. Argh. It’s just the fever rambling now. Good night.


It’s almost 03:30am, I have a fever, I’ve told everyone I’m on my way to bed and I just can’t pull myself of the computer – frustrating myself by trying to design/code my new layout. So far I can say that the colors are sweet, it’s easy on the eyes, and BORING! argh! TAKE ME AWAY FROM ALL OF THIS!

weekend attempts to jiggle my brain-meat

did a little bit of shopping today, picked up the Foo Fighters‘ new album “One by One” (“come back” is an amazing track”), Three books from Taschen’s “Icons” series; “Future Perfect“, “Encyclopedia Anatomica” and “Best of Bizarre“, and John Gribbin’s “Origins: Our place in Hubble’s Universe“. I’ve been investing in a whole bunch of books lately, three of my latest book purchases were also books from the “Icons” series (“Tattoos“, “H.R. Giger” and “Dessous“). Lately I’ve been having much more time to read, so refining my library seems like the natural thing to do (I mean, please, how many times over can you read the near-entire “sailor moon” pocket manga series? or various Anne Rice novels? hmmm?) I’m not quite sure why, but even though I’ve been having much more time to work up my brain-juices (yes, shay, that one was for you. that and the radioactive rubber pants that commanded me earlier), I still would rather spend it in “light” reading material, than go over a novel. That’s why I opted for the Hubble space telescope book rather than then one of them Hawking theory books. I still manage to concentrate only 10 minutes at a time (or as long as it takes me to go through a book while smoking a cigarette on the porch). Gilad came by and picked me up, we went to the local mall to scope for books and settled in the restaurant on the bottom floor. I had a noodle dinner and a cup of coffee, and we went over the cold steel catalog to see if there was anything of interest – his sister is travelling to london on the 16th, and I get my choice of things-I-don’t-need-but-want-anyway. In any event, I’m going to be off to do some web-scouring and refine my wishlist, since I just bought some of the books that appear there (no! that wasn’t a shameless wishlist plug! really!). Y’all have a nifty week, y’hear?

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