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morning cellphone blogging

ahhh…the beauty of wap-enabled cellphones. I don’t have any real reason to post, mainly boredom, really, or maybe I’m just testing myself to see if i can withstand the task of staying alert long enough to make any sense. yup, you guessed it, got virtually no sleep last night, again. So I’m sitting here at a coffee place in tel aviv, trying to force myself to down an entire cup of java without making myself sick. It’s not working. blah.

the answer to the pressing question: why am I still awake?

So I decided to force myself to draw. Shay had left (we watched “not another teen movie”. Pocket money for Molly Ringwald, I tell you), I was bored to tears, and while cleaning up my room yesterday I managed to find my sketchpad and a few pencils. So I drew some sort of elf, like I always end up doing (pretty much like this one, this one and this one), and came to the conclusion that the extreme disproportion I always seem to attain in my drawings has been consistant enough to be attributed to my drawing style, which, I guess, I never really thought I’d be able to perfect at this point in my life, or at least start perfecting. So I’ll keep working my way through my sketchpad with radical disproportion, sounds like a plan.

going to nowhere-ville (kiryat-ono)

My toddler niece, Michal, is having a birthday party today, so the whole family is dragging on over to Kiryat-ono, an Israeli town I haven’t been to for ages. I suppose I’ll manage, I’ll just stuff my face with various birthday chocolate and name-brand sodapop. Of course, my father may break out the accordion. That’s when I’m fleeing for my life. If I’m not back by tomorrow, send a search squad.

friday night

I’m not going out tonight. After last night’s fiasco at the “Kat Balu” in Tel Aviv, today is less-than appropriate for party going, or anything else involving alcohol. So I’m staying in. Cleaned my room, designed a new title banner for my site, had tea, re-connected my (now fixed) stereo system, stuffed my face with carmelized cookies (the type they hand out on airlines) and looked for (and found) some things I’ve lost over the few months. Despite the solitary friday, I spent my day well, and now it’s off to some more random web browsing and then, to bed. Have a wonderful weekend.

in case this wasn’t obvious

This is a response to latest tag-board posts – if anyone believes he or she has the right to criticize my life based on what he or she reads on my blog, this person is dead wrong. The fact of the matter is that my blog reflects day-to-day life as I see it, and most of the time, odds and ends and various tidbits about what I did on any given day. I’m not trying to please anyone. I’m not trying to gain readers and returning traffic by philosophical huggabub. If anyone believes that he or she knows what my life is all about due to my posts, then perhaps this person is expecting too much from a personal blog, or even has no life of his/her own to dwell upon. This isn’t a weekday soap opera. If you know me well enough to criticize me and what I do, by all means. But if you just stumbled upon this website from some outside link, or even if you read this website daily, let me make it clear that you do not know me, or anything about my life, and have no right to criticize it. Comment on my posts, if you wish, It’s more than welcome, but telling me how boring my life is, well, I don’t believe anyone who reads my blog and doesn’t know me in real life, has a right to do criticize in that form or manner. And to another related subject, let me remind everyone who’s reading this that this is my website and my domain, I will use whatever language I believe fit, swearing included, and if a certain person is having difficulties understanding this, you’re welcome to use your “pointer power” and hit that little grey “x” on the top right-hand side of your screen.


another long day at work. Another 12 hours out of the house. I love my new job, but I can feel routine sinking in real fast. So, on account of that, I think I’m going to try and introduce a few of those old-and-long-forgotten things I used to be so interested in, back ino my life. Doron is starting up a new band (yet again), and regardless of how serious he is in kicking his new group off the ground, I’m thinking of offering myself up for some background vocals, like I did with my friends in Isolation. Doron’s band is probably much more punk rock oriented, which is fine by me, If I’m lucky I’ll get the chance to give him a few of my lyrics. They’re just sitting around in text files and paper scribbles, anyway. Maybe that’ll get him to stop performing love songs to his cat (lol). Anyhow, I’ve started looking into hotels/motels in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area for my planned visit in the Spring. I’m not all that certain that the trip will go as planned, with my new job and everything. I’ve never gone abroad alone, and even though Minnesota is as much home to me as Israel is, it’s the traveling-by-myself bit that makes me a bit nervous. Yes, I know I’m 20 years old and perfectly capable of flying overseas on my own without needing to hold the nice flight attendant’s hand. But you know how it feels when you suddenly turn around, and whatever you’re 100% sure is supposed to be there, isn’t? And you have to continue on by yourself? Well, this is alot like this, and I’m sure I’m going to face a good deal of similar situations in the future. I’m still allowed to want my mommy, though, aren’t I?

weekend, weekend, weekend.

let’s see, a few weekend highlights; Fidazzled on over to Tel Aviv’s “Kat Balu” club on Thursday night for some block rockin’ fun, went to danny’s studio Friday morning with Shay for a routine check-up, spent the rest of the day sleeping. Saturday morning I had a photoshoot with Vonsh, he cought me smiling on camera. The horror. I got to try on a corset, though, which was interesting to find out that corseted, I have a 56cm waist. Saturday night I went to Guidance’s concert at the “Barby” club in Tel Aviv, had a wonderful time, despite being plowed to the ground by a group of crazy moshers and mosherettes. So now it’s Sunday, I had a long day at work (ever since I started working in Tel Aviv I’be been spending 12 hours a day out of the house), and now I’m relaxing in front of my computer, blue bertha. I can’t wait until next weekend.

the perks of being a corporate-driven

Okay, so I’m working full time now, all corporate-type-thing with the corporate C’s: clients, coffee, computers and crappy-cholesterol-levels. Thing is, I’m being demanded of so much, and given so much responsibility, and I haven’t even been there for a week. I understand not wanting to waste precious office time, it’s 100% legit, but I’m afraid of overload. It’s my first week at work, and nervous as is, but you know what they say, you learn from everything. So I’m trying as hard as possible to relax, calm down, and get with the program.

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