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a trifle nostalgic

I was looking through the photographs on my computer and I came accross some pictures of my military service – the people I served with, my commanders, goofing off in our spare time at the office. I suddenly became very aware how much those year and nine months in the Israeli Army meant to me, so I called up David, who was in my sect. and helped me manage/update/design, the Israeli military website, while we were both still soldiers. I met him in Tel Aviv for coffee, we talked about old times (and Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog), and then I went over to my old army office building to say hello to the nightshifters. I changed the desktop wallpaper on one of the computers in my old sect. to “Liron was here”, and left little love notes in people’s drawers. I miss the entire social aspect of being in the military, the army played a large role in shaping me as I currently am, taught me how to be assertive, creative and how to work under pressure (and how to fire an Uzi). And my brother will be called up for service year, I only hope that he’ll gain as much from the army as I did.

I update! I update!

okay, so, since I haven’t gone out properly for a while, I decided to pack it all into one weekend. Maybe that wasn’t such a good idea. On Thursday me and Liviu went to “The Alternative”, a alternative/hardcore/metal line of parties at the “Kat Balu” club in Tel Aviv. I had a great time, bugged Dror while he was DJing, jumped up and down to “keep ‘em separated”. Right before we left, I went to say goodbye to my ex who was pissed drunk on the hardcore floor, and some girl, who was waving her cigarette around, standing by the bar, managed to smack the tip of her smoke right into my tattoo. Got in bed at 07:00am and slept until Friday at 19:30. What now? Food. rummaging around in the fridge, I found a maki roll that my little brother made. Popped in a few slices (me and shay would rather call this “smooshie” than “sushi”, it came out a little play-dough like.) and hung around online for a while. 24:00, shay came over, I ate a little more “smooshie” and we left for the Lilenblum 25. Now, here’s where it began, pretty much. On my way downstairs from the 80’s floor to the rock/alternative/metal floor, I cought a whiff of something semi-oriental. On the middle-floor, they were serving thai noodles. I picked up about two bowls. fast forward two beers and one vodka w/oj later, 5 hours of sleep, 11:00am and my stomach decides it doesn’t like the sushi/noodle/alcohol mix. long story made short. so I’m sitting here now, thinking that it should probably be a good idea to stay in tonight, or maybe go for for something serene, like coffee at a friend’s or a movie of sorts. Or maybe I’ll go over to the drugstore and get me some hairdye and do something I’m really, really going to regret.

beauty lies within the universal skies

I just finished watching the meteor shower. It was absolutely breathtaking, lost count after about 20 meteorites. In a place like the middle east, where warfare and bloodshed come in daily doses, this reminded me, and hopefully others as well, that beauty still exists, if you only take a break and look to the heavens.

haven’t posted for a few days, so here what’s on my mind.

I’m still not quite healthy, I have constant sniffles and me and my mother both think that there must be a nest of…something around the building, because our allergic reactions are going haywire. It’s been getting really hot during the day, and really cold during the night, so just staying in seems to do the trick. It’s a friday night, everyone’s at the club, drinking “beer” (also known as “water with slight beer flavoring, for taste”), mingling, and I’m staying home. I have no money to get myself even a pack of smokes (my mother should be delighted at hearing this), so I get to stay in and mope – but no worries! I have popcorn and over 5 movie channels to choose from (go digital cable!), fimo plugs to make and some of my overseas friends are online at iam:bme. I’ve also got a new cd to listen to, so I’m all set. Have a great weekend everybody, keep safe, and please don’t drink and drive. That means you, too, Shay. don’t give me that face.

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