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trying not to trip over my own feet<

this afternoon, before work, I hopped over to a local studio in order to have the ball for my scrumper cbr put back in. at some point, for no apparent reason, I started getting very light headed, so we stopped and I went to lie down on the cot in the studio. soon afterwards, I was feeling better, so I left. a few meters from the studio I started getting light headed again, so I sat down on a bench in the street and took out a bottle of water to drink. Yossi, the studio guy, came out and saw me sitting there and asked if I was alright, and then, well, erm…I fainted. he carried me back in to the studio, gave me some sugar water and some twix, and we just sat there are talked while I got back to my senses (I told him I was so lightheaded that it felt like the breeze was passing through one ear and out the other, he told me that it’s probably due to my lobe stretches. shut up. it’s funny). I trodded off to work, and when I came into the salon my boss had looked like he’s seen a ghost. one look in the mirror assured me that I did look like a ghost – I was as white as a sheet. I got sent home with a sick day and here I am, still a little wooz-ish, but I’m off to take a nap and I should be up and at ‘em pretty soon. Looking back there should be no reason for fainting. I ate properly, have seen sleeping properly, haven’t had anything milk-based (I’m lactose intolerant) and I’ve been drinking. next week I’ll go get a check up done, I hope I’m not having heart problems again.

I can’t believe my legs are still functioning properly

last night was Amit Zanger’s birthday bash at the lilenblum 25 in Tel Aviv. I had such a wonderful time. Resident DJ Duke Erez was out in London for the week, so resident Shachar Shapira took over for the entire night, and made an extra special effort to please everyone (since Erez is known for his “heavier stuff”, while Shachar is more of a synthpop-kinda-guy). I couldn’t stop dancing for a second, it didn’t seem like anybody could, at at the moment my legs are very sore and I think I’m going to be spending the rest of the evening in a sitz bath. In any event, I took pictures (as usual), and I’ve uploaded all of them here.

redefining the term: “WTF?”

fine. so I get a phone call this evening while I’m sitting on the porch with Liviu, having a smoke and a cup of earl grey. the woman on the other end starts enquiring about me, my age, where I live, turns out my cellular phone number was in her husband’s exiting calls list on his phone, and her, being the psychotic wife that she is, decided that her husband must be cheating on her with me. I didn’t know who this woman was, she didn’t agree to tell me who her husband is, and I dismissed it as a prank phone call until I noticed that she was trying to remain as calm as possible. I figured to myself that if it was a prank, she would be yelling, screaming and accusing me, and threatening to rip my eyes out of my sockets. but she told me that she wasn’t going to burst out because I seemed like a nice girl to her and all she wanted to do was to get to the bottom of the situation. eventually we picked up the fact that what probably happened that one of her husband’s friends (she told me her husband was 28, I have several friends that age) must have used her husband’s cellphone to call me, we went through all sorts of names of her husband’s friends and nothing rang a bell. Another option was that her husband might have accidentally dialed my number as a wrong number, while I was at work and therefor did not pick up. nevertheless, it was strange. when I finally hung up after a 20-minute conversation, me and Liviu burst out laughing. ahhhhh….. an interesting way to end the day.

an ode to Israeli EBM

Observe and Control, Israel’s own EBM-child, has released a new track for download called Utopia, and a club mix for Scissors Doll (click here for the original version). The website reads: “Observe & Control is Tom Cohen also known as Gnuth and his secret agents….Weird production diversions, the necessity of a good melody and meaningful lyrics are the essence of Observe & Control – the first EBM entity ever to come out of Israel’s doors.” I personally saw O&C in concert a few months back, had a wonderful time, and if you’re planning on being in the Tel Aviv area sometime, make sure you check out the site to see if there are any upcoming preformances. if you haven’t heard of O&C, and you’re a fellow EBM nut, go check the new tunes. you’ll like ‘em.

subcultural chocolate with caramel and nuts.

I have seasonal allergies, I’m swimming in a pool of tissues and I’m talking funny because me nose is stuffed. noa’s gone to Jerusalem to see Josh Wink at Haoman 17, and I’m stick here with this bloody cold. so I started playing with fonts, and here’s what I came up with:

alright, ao I’m aware that it’s late at night and that I should be asleep if I’m not feeling well, but I’m too sugar hyper from finishing the jumbo m&m’s bag that was in the kitchen closet (shit, my mom might be reading this). I hope I feel better soon, I took a sick day today and tomorrow too, and I can’t really afford to lose money by not going to work. I should take a warm bath and finally finish reading Anne Rice’s “Merrick”. riiiiiiiight. I’m going to go watch the national geographic channel or something.

earth to Liron…we’ve found your marbles…

I’m so spaced out today. I went out to get some Tal Bagels, I was sure I asked for tuna w/no veggies, and got a bagel stuffed with virtually everything they had in stock. Then I went to sit down and I spilled my cup of OJ all over the floor, being totally apathetic about it, I went over to the store manger and demanded him to lick it up off the floor. I got home and tried to open the apt. building’s front door with the house key, which, besides being the wrong key, the door was actually already unlocked in the first place. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. It might be the result of my new shampoo.

making use of what is left

say hello to the jewelry trade section, a wonderful, faroff place where you can drool over my leftover body jewelry and even get some of your very own Lady O’-made plugs. What? you’ve noticed I’m trying to keep myself from spending all my money on stuff at body art forms so I can afford to fly to the states in April? These people, I tell you, so observant. Blargh. In other news, I’m totally, 100% addicted to “A Gothic Novel” by XPQ21. I’m so addicted to it, it’s getting obnoxious. I just can’t stop listening to it on repeat. The good news is, that noa and Sheqse have spoken to the band’s manager and they *might* be coming to preform in Israel. I’ll be the idiot prancing by the side of the stage yelling “do a gothic novel! do a gothic novel!”, and eventually their bodyguards will have to ward me off with crowbars. I still have to find a name for the stuffed animal that josh sent me. I’m thinking of calling him Mr. stufft’. Or maybe I should be thinking of going to sleep.

dang, I wish I was in canada right now…

I recieved a package from josh today, and this was what I found inside:

I wish I was in Canada right now, so I could give him a great big hug.

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