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oy, gevald

today was my visit to the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. I was shown around by a tour guide, and even though it was a short tour, I already have my sights set on the school. It’s amazing how the entire place felt like creation, the ability to come in with an idea and come out with a physical product, all your own work. They have practically everything you’d ever need in order to create every little thing that comes to mind, this is a place where I really could fulfill myself as an art and design enthusiast and get a degree at the same time. The problem is, going to MCAD is going to make me leave home. This isn’t your ordinary highschool graduate leaving the state to go to college. This is getting up and leaving for the other side of the planet. I am aware of the fact that at the age of 20 I should have a basic sense of independance in order to do something remotely close to what the issue is here, but I’m not so sure that getting up and leaving Israel and my close family behind is a good idea, especially in today’s middle east turmoil. I have enough time to think this through, I still have to work on a portfolio and there’s a little bit more studying left to do when I get back home, but this is, for lack of a better description, my dream school, and I hope to eventually attend. Time is short and there’s so much to do, so many choices to make, so little time to think them through. *sigh*.

did I say I wasn’t going to shop anymore?

back to mall of america again, and back to hot topic, this time for a pair of arm warmers, stripey-socks and big, fat, black and day-glo blue baggy pants. I have about 15 dollars left. ugh. In the meantime Minnesota has been hit with something not new to an Israeli like myself, the west nile virus. I have 6 insect bites and still counting. bleeech. Tomorrow we’re taking to the walker art center in Minneapolis with my aunt. hope to get a good night’s sleep.

and the “break the bank” award goes to…

noa liberman for managing to get me to spend the largest portion of my budget on her. I hate you.

I am all shopped out. really. I am.

still in Crystal, Minnesota, today we went over to the mall of america located in bloomington, the largest mall in the united states. we were there for about seven hours, first stop was hot topic, where I bought a tee, a pinstripe necktie (yeah, dina, I finally found one!), some body jewelery and some presents. then it was over to claire’s, spencer gifts and the sanrio store. we had lunch at arby’s and continued shopping around for skateboarding stuff for my 13 year-old brother. also picked up a copy of xtreme body mod. I’m pooped, I have no money left and no room in my suitcase.

bonjour, and good afternoon from Crystal, Minnesota!

well, after a connecting flight via chicago (which I’m sorry I didn’t get to stay in, I was looking forward to visiting Jared), I am now in Minnesota, staying with my gracious aunt and uncle. I got to see my grandmother today, whom I haven’t seen for two years, my cousin Lori and her new husband. Well, I certainly am “feeling minnesota”. I have two insect bites already and I’ve only been up for about 6 hours. highlight of the day was breakfast at Perkin’s and shopping at Target. The thing I’ve noticed about the suburban MN area is that there are no people. whatsoever. Nobody’s walking the streets (thus making them quite, clean and uncluttered), something I’m not used to after my 3-day fiasco in Manhattan. I *am* used to the no smoking laws. I am nicotene deprived. ouch. another ouch is the shock to my bank account. someone pry the credit card away from me, it’s slowly molding itself to the shape of the palm of my hand. I miss everyone. Shay and Noa and Anat and Dina (although I saw her saturday). Take care, I’ll post again during the week. and post messages.

I don’t react well to boredom.

Fine, so my mother left the hotel this morning at 09:00am in order to go yarn-shopping with friends. I’m going shopping with dina at 16:00 and I have nothing to do in the meantime. I shopped around for comic books, had coffee, got back to the hotel and decided it was a good idea to draw a comicstrip instead of writing a trip journal. when I get to Colorado I’ll scan and post it, it came out quite amusing. So I’m sitting here at some korean internet cafe, trying to kill time until I have to take the metro to Dina’s workplace in order to meet up. I’m running out of cigarettes and I’m hungry. At least blogger is working. hmph. Hopefully she’ll take me to places I can spend my money well, whatever’s left of it, although I have a hunch that I’m going to be broke by the time I get to Minnesota. Damn. Why do new yorkers have to over-aircondition *everything*??? it’s cold and rainy outside, dammit! my fingertips are frozen! bah! talk soon, leave comments.

on 42nd street, 11 minutes left to credit…

well, I’m having a good time. Last night Dina took me to the Pyramid, nice 80’s music and kindof remind’s me of Tel Aviv’s “Fetish” club on Wednesday nights. Today was shopping day, a new discman, pair of glasses, clothes,comics, books, cds, shtuff, we also went on over to the remains of 9-11. I wasn’t very thrilled. It was a surrealistic sight that I wasn’t ready for. tomorrow is all day shopping with dina around soho and tribeca or wherever, and later tomorrow night we’re off to the batcave club. everybody stay safe, I’ll update next when I get the chance.

hell-o from the big apple!

well, after 11 hours of flight on which my butt fell asleep and having a seriously sick woman sit behind me (“you have NO idea how much I am congesting right now!!!”), I’m in new york, located in an internet cafe right by the empire state building. me and dina are going out tonight, to an 80’s club, and in the meantime I’ve managed to aquire a carton of cigarettes and, umm, nail polish. Our room isn’t ready yet, so I’ve got a while to go until I have a shower and take a nap. I’ll update everyone, hopefully I’ll get some pictures up by the time I hit colorado. I know you all envy me. I envy me. There’s a goddam Wendy’s right by my hotel !!! leave messages at the tone.

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