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icky-icky pah-TANG!

one week from today (well, technically speaking, yesterday.) will be my last day at the office, meaning (duh), that this is my last week wearing a soldier’s uniform. the smell of freedom has become so intense that it reeks. I know that I’ll finally be able to wake up in the morning and pick my wardrobe for the day (stripy socks and loafers, thank YOU!), and I’ll have my own say about how to behave and I’ll finally be able to choose a cup of coffee and a smoke over updating a website, but in retrospect, it seems like I’m leaving alot behind. Army life isn’t just about having commanders with @$%# up their &#$@!, the intense schedule and the routine that wears you out, it’s also the people I worked with for the past year and nine months that I wish I could take along with me. I can’t keep in touch with all of them, most chances are that I’ll keep in touch with less than a few, but I have photos, faxes and memories of waking up in the middle of the night, walking down the hallway and seeing three guys headbanging to “Fade to Black”, singing “ziva” while mopping up the bathroom tiles, breaking a plastic fork while stirring green goop, spending 24 hours in detention, parties, weddings, kareoke (from which I learned to never try and imitate Gwen Stephani), exchanging daily emails on the intranet with my group of synthpoppers and relaxing in the sun, lying on the grass in our yard, with the ducks and bunnies. and what afterwards? well, I got a call today from an animation company conducting a course, worth checking out, and hopefully I’ll score a job at more than just folding clothes. Maybe a job at Stuff. Well, anyway, tomorrow I have another Friday shift, and then I’m going to Danni’s piercing place with noA in order to get a brand spanking new 6mm (3ga) metal tunnel for my earlobe stretching, and, umm, coffee. hopefully I’ll have some time to browse the web as well, I’ve so busy working on my own site that I totally missed the fact that morgan, mike and rayne (I can’t keep up with her) have new layouts. I made a pretty titlepic for flora’s new domain, and I’ve been trying (for the past two hours) to make myself a normal-looking 31×88 button for my new layout, and everything I make ends up turning out looking like a cross between countryside roadkill (the worst kind) and the leftover french fries that have been sitting on my desk in a luchbag for the past four days. Aaaack! somebody make me a button! puuuhweeeze! argh. It’s past my bedtime.

I really should get off the computer

I threw a fit last night and decided that I’m absolutely sick of the startbutton, and I hate my taskbar and systray even worse. after being a geOShell user for 4 years and eventually working my way back to explorer, I wasn’t in any mood to go around and start looking for shell replacements. every shell or running over windows besides explorer crashes the internat, anyway. so I tried objectbar, and although it it proved to be an adorable program, but it took up too much space for me to willingly put it into my start folder, and it had an ugly nagscreen. the reason I wanted to keep it was because it had a built-in mac0S8 style skin, and I, of course, adore the mac0S GUI. So with a little (alot) of web-searching, I found macVision, which is actually the mommy and daddy of objctbar, from the same creator and built way before it. So that’s it. this is what my desktop looks like at the moment. The finder/startbar is macvision, the icons are freshly ripped (by moi) from the icesphere shell and the wallpaper photoshopped by me. my g0d, I’m such a geek.

just another manic monday

I just woke up to find that my 6mm black plastic tunnel fell out of my lobe stretching during the right and the hole had reduced itself to roughly 3mm. it hurt putting it back in. I was planning, now that it was all healed, to get a second ear piercing right next to it, and stretch that to 3mm. now I’m going to have to wait until my ear gets over this morning’s trauma, and that could take a good few days if not a week. I finally got homesite to work on my computer, so my website is now updated. I have a new calender, updated the “now spinning” section, the archives, and I’ve even added some new photographs to one of the galleries (but, of course, you can just click here, here, here and here). other than this morning’s incident, I’m in a generally good mood, last night I got spaceballs and monty python on divX (thanks Liviu) and I got all my fonts back from my old computer (thanks mom). I only have to be at the office today at 13:00, and my days wearing an army uniform are numbered. actually, to tell you the truth, I compiled a biorythm of myself from now, ’till discharge (click to enlarge it). it shows that I’m going to be in an intellectual and an emotional peak during the day of my discharge, but experiencing a physical low. mrmph. that sounds just like me. get exited, and have to take 10xadvil to make up for it. in any event, I’ve got to go, off to put some stuff on my earlobe and get into uniform. the day is still long ahead of me.

ooohhh, tingling all over…

my computer’s back from the shop, when I get home I’ll be able to start installing my photoshop and cam program, as well as rightFTP and homesite, so I’ll be able to get to updating my site in the next few days. It’s so outdated. I need to update the calender, the archive, my webcam pic, and I’m having mIRC withdrawl. I can see it now – I’m not going to be getting much sleep tonight, and I have to wake up at 05:30 tomorrow morning in order to get to the 06:11 train. on the bright side, now that I have 40gb of space, I can update my collection of synthpopebm MP3s. more apoptygma for j00!

computer’s not back from the shop yet

so I’m using the office box. not that I mind, and I’m not complaining. this computer’s much faster than what I used to have, and I’m not very familiar with the standards of the new computer, since I haven’t had the pleasure of using it yet (1.8ghz, 40gb drive, 384ram with ps 6.0me, illustrator 10, flash 5 and some more good stuff). hopefully, if all goes well, I will have a new computer, up and running, by tomorrow or the day after. noa, shay and myself went to see the new spiderman(tm) movie last night, we’ve had it on DVD for quite a while now, but I figured a movie of this magnitude was better off watching in the movie theater. boy, was I wrong. sure, toby mcwhat’shisname was cute, other than that it seems like they used the old “pulling a random name out of a hat” trick for the casting. I knew the plot wasn’t going to be anything too spectacular, I wasn’t mistaken, but I wasn’t ready for the cheesyness of the whole thing. when the lights went up, all three of us had bewildered looks on our faces, that pretty much read “I can’t believe we actually paid for this!”. *sigh*, well, at least we had a nice evening out, and I guess that made it worthwhile (that, and getting stuck at the underground parking lot at -3). I’m off, other people are edging to use the computer. be back when I get the power box, that or if I manage to make it back after driving home tonight for the first time with my father. ouch. I can hear it already. “go faster! go faster!”. ehhhh…

oops, looks like I’m going to be gone for a while.

I recieved my new super computer yesterday, but I accidently burnt the power supply while my and my mother were trying to look for the thingamagigie which connects to the diddlybob. so I’m computerless. Of course, I can connect my old computer, but I’d rather not. I’m taking a break until monday, when the computer should be back from the lab. see y’all.

happy 4th of July!

I consider myself a lucky person to be able to celebrate 2 independence days a year. Having a double nationality has always been something I have taken pride in, and it’s during times like these, considering the situations in both Israel and in the United States, that I feel especially proud to be an Israeli citizen, resident and soldier, as well as an American citizen, both which, in today’s world, is not easy at all (whoa, understatement there). On one hand, you have the United States, a mass modern empire, under constant threat by many a nation; it’s only “crime” being a successful people in every field imaginable. On the other hand, you have Israel, a small country exceeding itself in every way possible, ahead of it’s neighbors via it’s social-political system, advanced technology, innovative thinking and it holds one of the strongest, most powerful armies in the world today. I consider myself to be lucky to be part of both the nations I admire and respect most. Both these nations share the same hopes and dreams, and above all, friendship (*sobbb*). So go out, get drunk off local beer, raise a flag and join the parade. Happy Independence Day everybody!

I’m scared shit.

in about 40 minutes I’m going to get in the car for the first time as a licensed driver, without my driving teacher. watch out Tel Aviv, I hope y’all have your seatbelts on! (*shudder*)

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