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Naboo, anyone? (thanks, I’ll have mine dry, hold the mayo.)

last night I had the pleasure of seeing “Star Wars : episode II (attack of the clones)” with yoav. I’ll admit, the fact that the movie happens to have a name more fit for a b-rated 1950s drive-in monster flick put me off a little in the beginning, I was pretty sceptic and wasn’t at all sure I was going to enjoy it (I’m not a monster movie fan, I don’t like Bela Lugosi and you’re just going to have to deal with it). Not only was I impressed, I might just go see it again. The acting was marvelous (although a tad over-cheesy at a few points during the movie), the humor was intelligent and the cast was wonderful (can we say Anakin Skywalker?!?!?). Unfortuntely, though, we happened to catch a screening in a theater where someone was apparently dropping breadcrumbs on the dolby surround switch in the control room upstairs, because there were odd complete sound-shifts from one side of the theater to the other, sounding like some sort of odd glitch. Not much of a loss, though, some characters were heard better from the far end of the room, like that flea-guy with wings that seemed to speak the african tongue of ‘quoza, and, of course, watto. If you have a free evening, go catch that movie, or at least rent it out on DVD. you’ll be doing yourself a favor (I.E – getting up off your ass and away from the computer for a few hours. If I can do it, you can, too).

finishing up a pack of tissue paper…

I don’t think I’ve even been moved so much by a weblog more than the last series of posts by Wil Wheaton (when you’re done reading the first post in the series, scroll up and hit the subject line link for the next post). I’ve spotted a few posts by wil dealing with the wil/wesley crusher (he used to play wesley in “Star Trek – The next generation”) identity issue, but this, by far, was something I was not expecting, mainly because I don’t ever remember reading personal and in-depth posts in magnitudes such as these (especially from a celebrity). we should all be so lucky to have the creative gift wil has, and posess the ability to express ourselves with minimal restraint; and that my friends, is rare to the core.

june 10th, when the moon devours the sun

on Monday, June 10th this year, there will be a partial solar eclipse vieweable from North America and a few other viewpoints; “Observers along a line from Houston, St. Louis, Chicago and Detroit, will witness maximum eclipse just about the same time that the Sun sets.“, as written here, “When the Moon’s center coincides with the Sun’s center, a thin ring of the Sun, called an annulus, briefly becomes visible. This ring effect will be seen only from a few fortuitously placed Indonesian Islands near the beginning of the eclipse track, and a small region along the Pacific coast of Mexico, not far from Puerto Vallarta, near the very end of the track. Such opportunities enable us to glimpse the clockwork of the universe in action.“. If you live in Israel or the area, like me, you’re probably not going to get to see much, so I set up a comments box accessable by the link graphic on the top of the page so those of you who will have the pleasure of viewing the eclipse will get a chance to share their experiences with us less fortunate ones. I’ll update my solar eclipse page with links all throughout the beginning of June, so check back. in the meantime you might want to read some solar eclipse facts from

whoops, I’m back now

yeah, I was down for a few hours. I was so busy designing eyal’s new blog I got too caught up in it and accidently FTP’d over my index page. oops. eyal’s blog, “arpadon baMoadon” (in hebrew) came out very nicely, but it did result in having my site down from 16:00 – 18:20 this evening. eyal honey, I’m so sorry if I gave you a heart attack over the phone, letting you know the reason my site was down. I was actually quite calm about it *g*. At the same time I decided that maybe it would be a good idea to tone my font color down a little bit, so I darkened it. certainly much less of an eyesore. In any event, if you have hebrew support and a little time, go check out eyal and his in-your-face club review blog.

the future of freeservices seems to be down again. now me, and a few thousand others have “pages that cannot be displayed” (you should be seing that to your left, unless they’re already back up). Unfortunately, that’s the price you have to pay for using a free service – tolerating downtime and sometimes, disfunctional services. the end of report this week on such services going from free to fee like Kazaa, Terra Lycos and Ananova, all offering “new and improved” services for a certain monthly fee, while in the long run it seems as if their free services will dwindle out in quality, such as happened to geocities. FTP access, remote image loading, access to certain filetypes and a few other things were taken for granted in the free version, before advanced packages were available. (I started building with geocities in 1997 and I certainly remember the good ‘ol days) today, the free version or “trial” version, as they call it, has limited features, no FTP access, lower bandwidth and the file manager interface is much less user friendly than the one of the upgraded versions. So the question here should be, “how much are you really paying for the internet, and what sacrifices are you making by using free services?”

pondering at 02:00am, if I could only see the screen!

I think I’m alergic to Yoav. Is it possible to be allergic to a human being? Besides being allergic to a specific perfume or deodorant, is it scientifically possible to be sensitive to a certain person? I’m doing weekend shift and he came to visit me, and was here for about two hours. The second he came in my eyes started both itching, he’s been gone for an hour and a half now and it doesn’t look like it’s getting any better. During the week he took me to Starbucks for coffee, and my left eye started watering like mad, and continued watering for the following 24 hours. If indeed I am allergic to him, I’m not planning on cutting him off, so I’m just going to have to suffer, or bring rediculous quantities of soft tissue paper for the next time we get coffee. The thing that bothers be the most, though, is the fact that I have no idea how I’m going to fall asleep with this manic itching going on. I have to be up by 06:45 for gurd duty at 07:00, another thing that makes me worry is that if the itching doesn’t stop, I’m probably going to be all blurry-eyed while guarding, if someone suspicious enters the building I’ll probably pass him off as “a big lump wandering around the lobby, minding his own business”. I’m going to go slip into J’s and try not to itch my eyeballs out. Yoav, if you’re reading this (and I know you are), no hard feelings, but next time we meet I’d pass on the cologne. And sit across the hallway. We can practice our distance-communication skills. Better yet – get a pair of walkie talkies.

no, I can’t move, thankyouverymuch

well, if you’ve read my last post you already know that yesterday, while doing guard duty, I got up from my chair in order to pick up something off the floor and jammed my thigh into the metal drawer that was attached to the guard table. I was sure it was going to leave a black&blue mark the size of Nevada, but since this morning I could hardly move my entire leg, it looks like I must have bruised the muscle. That means I’m pretty much glued into place for the rest of the day, which will give me some time to scour the fine print of the daily paper for some good news. not much. I was shocked to read that the IDF has ordered it’s platoon soldiers not to accept pizza deliveries from, a website where you could, up until now, donate a minimal amount of money in order to feed those hungry mouths in combat (I posted about this site a few days ago as well, under the subject line “give us your money!”). The IDF feels it has reason to believe that pizza deliveries can be booby-trapped, an therefor soldiers have been told not to recieve the pizza, as well as any other care package, unless it has been ordered by the soldiers themselves. So much for that, I had better stop taking for granted the fact that I have Thai take-away across the street from my base. My mother is supposed to be calling the travel agent this afternoon to book tickets for our flight to the states in August. I can’t wait to go, see family, check out schools, shop. I guess the highlight of my trip, though, is going to be on my way out of the US, last stop in NY, where I’m finally going to be meeting Dina, an Israeli living in NY who I have become good friends with ever since she found me online (turns out we have mutual friends and a common “thing” for shoes). We’re going to be meeting up mid September, I can’t promise that when the time comes I’ll be sober enough to post. I’m off now, to search the offices for a cigarette and some painkillers, hopefully I’ll feel better throughout the day.

gosh, goodness, oy

I just noticed that the mailing list join form on the left wasn’t working. oops. you can all go sign up now. I decided to go a little further with the M42 link on the titlestrip (read last post), if you click on it, you’ll now get a nice little pop-up window with pictures of The Orion Nebula, along with some 411 and links to information pages and other various nebulae. Now, on to some more interesting things, I’m going to be visiting dina in NY in septmber! woohoo newyorkers, here I come! eh*hem, in any event, what have I been up to today? This morning I got to see the new images sent back from the hubble space telescope. other than the gorgeous images of illuminted gasses, hubble has been doing the “big brother” thing. It’s taken closeups of guantanamo bay, the magic kingdom, and even the ruins of the WTC in NY and Alcatraz. I spent most of the day in front of the computer browsing those, although I did manage to smack my thigh into the point of the table’s metal drawer while trying to get up. Like the RC cola commercial claims – “do less, live longer”.

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