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we’re all searching for something

Every month I get the site search summary for the previous month, and most of the time I get search queries that are sorediculous, I end up ROFL. I can’t, for the life of me, figure out why and how people would expect to find these things on my site. Here are the highlights of the search summary for March:
Wed Mar 27 17:57:30 2002 wheeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wed Mar 27 15:08:03 2002 evil dolls
Wed Mar 13 15:58:29 2002 sex girl
Tue Mar 12 13:05:31 2002 bondagefaery
Tue Mar 12 05:29:55 2002 mutation
Tue Mar 12 05:29:11 2002 darwin

Absolutely must buy album of the decade award…

…goes to Theatre of Tragedy’s “Musique“. I was browsing The racks at Azrieli Center’s Tower Records this evening, and after searching for this album for ages, lo and behold, It was hiding behind Therion. I hate Therion. In any event, “Musique” has been rotating in my player ever since I got home from the office. One thing managed to tick me off, though. Have you noticed that in the past few years it has become a common, acceptable thing to load up CD Jewel cases with loads of crap? The moment I opened the case, all sorts of junk paper came flying out, a sticker and some random record label trash written in German – “Vielen Dank, dab Du eine Nuclear Blast-CD gekauft hast!”. I don’t ever remember album shopping to be such a friggin’ biohazard. Sure, I had crap falling out of my old “Dog Eat Dog” CD years back, but Dog Eat Dog are (were?) signed with Roadrunner, so no surprise here ;-) . I’d expect more from Nuclear Blast, hell, I’d expect more from Nitro! Ha, does anybody even remember Nitro? I sure do. As for site updates, go visit my new hostee and camkid, /newcoke. Be nice and make him feel at home – got it?

Apoptygma Berzerk concert in Israel cancelled

I’m sorry to say, but I knew it was going to happen. More international artists have cancelled their shows this year than those who have arrived. I ran a poll on my website a few months ago, when the news of the concert just came out, asking my site visitors for their opinion – would APB show up – or cancel? Turns out that people were more realistic than optimistic – 75% of the voters agreed that Apoptygma would cancel the show. They did. This came as a double dissapointment for me, since I was also supposed to meet and interview APB on Thursday along with a few more of the staff members of the Israeli synthpop/EBM internet zine. I know that Israel isn’t regarded as a safe place, and I understand the decision to reschedule to another time when the situation in the middle east quiets. I still am, nonetheless, deeply dissapointed. So here’s what a dissapointed girl does – opens up her photoshop and tries to distract herself. I downloaded a shitload of brushes from misplaced type (along with some nifty fonts) and came up with this pretty AIM icon which was supposed to be my devART icon, but was about 649% bigger in size than what they would allow. Their loss – I think it came out pretty nicely.
< --- only 11 frames and 56,419 layers!

It’s a month to my 20th birthday

It’s a month to my 20th birthday and I’ve set up an wishlist. I don’t really expect to be getting anything off it (maybe from family overseas and close friends with abundant credit cards from their daddies), but I decided to list some items that are virtually non existant in Israel in hopes of a nice person to come along and be charitable to a 20 year-old IDF “soldieress” with barely enough dough for a pack of smokes and her monthly domain bill (this is the guilt trip method. Please pay no attention if you manage to see through it).

at the end of Holocaust Memorial Day

This was one of the most meaningful Holocaust Memorial days I’ve ever experienced. There was nothing openly different about it – They showed “Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl” again on “Cinema2″, “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” miniseries, again I resisted the urge to force my 65 year-old grandmother to tell me stories about the war. On weekdays she rambles on and on about her experiences after WWII, but never, ever has she shared with me stories of the camps, of her family, about those who got left behind. This year, during the one minute of silence, this morning at 10:00am, It hit me like a lightening bolt and I grasped that at that given moment, every single Israeli, in every part of Israel – was standing in silence. everyone. From the “kibbutzniks” in the Gallilee, to the city people of Tel Aviv, from the Reserve and Duty soldiers in the West Bank and Gaza Strip to the tourists in Southmost Eilat. For 60 seconds, this morning, we were all standing in silence together to honor the 6 million Jews who died in the Holocaust. In the state of war we are currently in, after 18 months of terrorism and violence, bloodshed and massacre, for a full minute, this morning, the entire Jewish population of Israel united together. I have never been more proud to be a part of the Jewish Nation before (yeah, mom, you heard me). I can’t say as much for the Jewish religion, but I have faith that we have the strength to pull through. As a people, as a nation. I love my fucking country.

Finally, back from my weekend at the base.

30 hours seemed like forever. I’d like to thank all of you guys who sent me emails, ecards, URLs, drawings, ect. you put a smile on my face. Thanks.
On my way to get picked up by a friend near the freeway after leaving the base, turned out I picked the wrong time to scadaddle outta there. suddenly, out of seemingly nowhere, a protest of hundreds of people filled the main road, yelling, thrusting torches. The girl who came to switch my shift pointed out on the phone that the protest looked like a ye-olde mob from the middle ages. Pushing through the crowds, I can only remember thinking what a good idea it had been to leave the base in civilian clothing. If I had put on uniform I might have been verbally attacked by the mob, the protest being a political one. (It would had been something like “tell your general to withdraw from the settlements! get out of the territories! peace now!” and I would have been curled up into a little ball towered over by hundreds of angry protestors.) Fortunately for me, not only was I wearing civilian clothing, I also managed to find myself some sort of detour. After being picked up by my friend, we went to a Sushi Bar in the Industrial area of my hometown, one of the many suburbs of Tel Aviv. First time eating shrimp. I was sure I was going to break out in a rash, which I didn’t. In any event, got home and decided to go blog-jumping. One of the sites I visited happened to be, the website and blog of former Star Trek actor and current writer and preformer, Wil Wheaton. One of the things that impressed me the most about his site was his will to share his life with the crowd, despite being a celebrity, and blog along with the rest of us. Thumbs up!

10 and a half hours at the office and still counting.

I’ve been working my hiney off, this is the first real break I’ve actually gotten. I sat down with photoshop and tried to get something to come out, the only thing that kept spewing out was “IDF soldiers wounded in…” and “blah blah blah Palestinians in Nativity Church blah blah blah…”. I’m so work infested I can’t even think straight. It’s not enough that being a soldier in the Israeli Army has deprived me of my social life, it seems as if my Sanity is slipping away as well. So, for the sake of all things stable (double pun – we work with Windows 2000 – stable my arse), I decided to work on some grunge buttons:

The story behond there buttons is, well, the way I met a friend of mine. He came to fix something in my Commander’s office, I came in the door, he looked at me and asked “deathstar?” I gave him a wierd face, it took me a while to understand he recognized me from my site, (and another medium which will remain anonymous) and since then we get lunch every now and then. He calls be Deathstar, I call him Q-Tip (forget that, never mind, you wouldn’t understand even if I explained it). In any event, I’m still at the office, I still need you guys to help me not lose my mind any further. email me, goddamit! And send me something interesting. Or post your website URLs. Or send me cam images of you fooling around with makeup. Anything! send!

Phone conversation.

I had a male friend call me up last night, conversation went something along the lines of :
friend: you know, I’ve been so lucky in the past week! I’ve talked to [insert pompous number here] girls, tomorrow I’m going out with this chick, a 50 year-old woman hit on me at the the brew house last night and [insert snobby *shhhya!* sound here], none of the girls I’ve dated in the past week have been minors! can you believe that?
me: uh-huh.
friend: It’s like, [insert snobby *shhhya!* sound here], I’ve been so luckly lately! I just wanted to call you and tell you that.
me: uh-huh.
friend: first, there’s this girl, and then blah blah blah blah blah
me: uh-huh.
friend: blah blah blah blah
me: uh-huh
friend: I also wanted to wish you that you should be as lucky as I am.
me: uh-huh
That, in a nutshell, was the phone conversation. You’d think someone who’s been having his fair share of scores would have the common courtesy to keep his/her trap shut and fight the urge to brag like a blithering idiot in the faces of the less fortunate ones. So I’m single. Big frikkin’ deal. I don’t need it smashed to my face like I’m carrying an infectious disease. Some people make me sick to my stomach. In any event, I’m on my way to Tel Aviv for yet another glorious weekend shift at the office. I will be home only tomorrow night, but I can still access my email. So keep me entertained. (please?)

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