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I just noticed that my countdown date on my site was all wrong. It magically added a full month to my IDF service. Thanks goodness that’s fixed. *sigh*, the prime minister is going on the air at half past the hour to address the nation. This can not be a good sign. I’ll get back to everyone later on in the evening.

Another Terror attack.

There was a terror attack on Alenbi street in Tel Aviv, one of the busiest streets in the city. 25 people injured, some very seriously. I was supposed to be there in an hour in order to get some coffee with a few friends. I’m not going.


Well, I just arrived home after that highschool-get together-birthday party-event thing (see last post), turns out I was a tad too paranoid. I ended up going with a close friend, we had a lovely time, I sat with old friends and we talked about our lives as they are now, had a good time laughing at whoever was drunk and I got some good pictures to send everybody on ICQ. I was just being paranoid. I tend to be that way. Uptight, paranoid and stressed-out. So now I’m in a good mood, although I’m drenched. As me and my friend started walking torwards the car, we got stuck in awful hail and now my hair, my clothes, my socks…*sigh*. Winter has come a little too late. About getting a livejournal, I’ve been thinking about it, and my conclusion is no. I have a weblog. I love my weblog. my weblog is my journal. It serves wonderfully as a site update notifier and a journal. On the other hand, I might consider getting myself a page at On to site updates – as promised, I finished the icons I’ve been working on and uploaded them to the downloads page. go take a peek.

Sosial-ism, looking back.

Well, It’s a Friday evening again, just like it was last week and just like the week before that. It’s been raining for most of the day, It’s the 3rd day of Passover and I haven’t left the house. I’ve been giving myself some “me” time, watched “Final Fantasy” on DVD and pulled all-nighters online. Tonight an old friend of mine from highschool is having a birthday party, no doubt it’s going to be an akward experience. First of all, I’m going to be seeing people I haven’t seen for two years since I finished 12th grade. Second of all, the emotional baggage I have left over from highschool in general and a few of the people that will be attending is not going to make my night any easier for me. I’m going to be coming alone, and there are two possible situations for tonight’s event. One, I will be sitting anlone on the couch with those goddam placebo guys blaring from the speakers, feeling incredibly uncomfortable and finishing off whatever’s in the punch bowl, Two, I will be having an immense crowd around me, asking me dumb questions and throwing odd quirks, since the person I was in highschool isn’t the person I am today, emotionally, mentally and physically. I’m probably going to be getting those wierd questions like “do you dress like that everyday?” and “how can you wear your makeup like that?”. The one thing that I’m not, unfortunately, expecting to hear is “hey, how are you doing? we haven’t seen you for ages.” Blah. If I keep writing posts like this I’m going to have to get me a livejournal.

“Passover Massacre”

I was hoping for a nice Passover Seder with my family. at 20:00 there was a terror attack in a hotel in Netanya which left 15 people dead and over a hundred wounded (labeled on as “Passover Massacre“, as quoted by our prime minister, Ariel Sharon.). So much for a joyeous, prosperous, holiday. I’m going to be staying in.

Night shift, again.

I’m at the office doing a night shift again, browsing the web, looking for something to help me pass the time. Everyone around me is heavily at work, there’s no AIM, ICQ or mIRC here either, so it’s been little to no social interaction in the past few hours. Do me a favor and email me something interesting. Like oh, I dunno, a fansign, funny picture, a link to your website, or maybe a drawing, something to read, ect. I’m going out of my mind. Usually, when I do night shift at the office I get this way, so I end up doing stupid online tests until about 04:00am (ha, ha, check this out). Hopefully, you’ll all be kind enough to help me break free from the terrible cycle of boredom that’s consuming my being. click here and send me stuff! (please?)

Jewish Sacrifice

I was reading the newspaper this morning, and I saw something that absolutly shocked me. Here’s a direct translation:
A group of Rabbis are preparing for giving sacrifice on the Temple mount:
A group of Rabbis called “The Temple Loyalty” are preparing for a sacrificial ritual for Passover, over the Temple Mount. “We need to be ready at any moment for a point which would justify sacrifice,” said Rabbi Kreuzer. “If that moment will be tomorrow, we won’t have anyone who will know how to do it properly.” Kreuzer noted that it is important to prepare an altar to be placed at the Temple Mount, and groups of livestock must be prepared for the sacrifice. “There must be someone trustworthy to supervise the operation, or else we’ll have chaos and there will be sheep running all over the place (!)”. During the preparation process, Rabbi Kreuzer spoke to the owner of a steak restaurant in order to recieve tips on how to roast the sacrifices properly.

After reading this, I just sat there blankly, on a bench in the yard. It took me a good few minutes to comprehend the fact that this article was actually serious. Oy Gevald. As Good ol’ Rabbi Cohen used to say; “Being a Jew Today is never what it used to be, aye? Pass the Gifilte Fish, will ya, son?”.

Car Accident on an otherwise perfect morning.

Early in the AM, i was riding back home from Tel Aviv with a friend. He just bought a new funker vogt CD, it was blasted up full volume, the sun was rising in a beauiful, clear sky, the freeway was flowing marvelously and we were overall happy, basking in the afterglow of a great night at the club. Right after we pulled off the freeway, we saw a somewhat busy intersection. Getting closer we noticed that the huggabub (5 people and a policeman) was caused by the ruins of a horrible car accident. A mini van just slammed the life out of what seemed to have been an old model of a mitsubishi. The family car was ruined and bent from the inside, I couldn’t see anybody wounded, but by the looks of it, the force of the impact would have probably been enough to be dangerous. I arrived home horrified.

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