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Surprise! Here’s a weekend shift for you!

Friday night, 10:00pm. I’m at the office. With everything that’s been going on in the past day, I’m not even the least bit suprised that I’ve been brutally yanked from my warm bath to spend the rest of the weekend at the base. Fortunately for me I’ve been allowed to go out and have a tiny bit of fun, so I’ll be off to the Lilenblum 25 for the night. I’ve even brought my stripey knee highs and my ruffle dress along with me, so there’s no way I’ll get caught in uniform. The only thing to remind me of where I’ll be during the weekend is that damn little beeper that I’ve been given to haul around.
*beep beep beep* *Shots fired in the West Bank* *beep beep beep* *House demolished in the Gaza Strip* *beep beep beep* *two more shots of tequila, please* *beep beep beep*!
[sigh] I’m going to be having a long weekend. Hope you have a good one.

Another strange day.

Turns out it took Israelis a while to understand the way Israelis think and act – fact was proven this evening while riding the bus on my way home from the base. The inner side of the bus was coated with green stickers that read “Unless you’re pregnant, you have no business putting your feet up!”. At first I thought it was a joke, since I was used to seeing those white stickers on the window that read “Please don’t place your feet on the seats”, but turning around I began to notice that there wasn’t a single person with his or her feet up. None. There were a few more rude-looking green stickers pasted up by the windows, but that specific one managed to catch my eye. Amusing, to say the least.

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