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Yuck. Army food.

There was green goop for lunch again today, I tried stirring it it with my plastic fork and the tip broke off. I think I’m going to be very hungry today. Fortunately, tomorrow’s the last day of the work week, and I’m going to get home and delve into a tub full of McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets. Friday is the opening party for the website, something to look forward to. DJ Duke Erez S. will be DJing his part, plus a special hour for us (the staff). We’ve picked a mighty-fine songlist with some nice EBM / Synth-Pop classics like VNV Nation’s “Rubicon” and Apoptygma Berzerk’s “Paranoia”, along with some cutting-edge stuff like Echo Image’s “Skulk”. If you’re living in Israel, an EBM / Industrial / Synth-Pop fan, and you’d like to attend the event (if you do, watch out for the spying electroculture camera crew…I’m one of them! *snort*, *snort*), you’re welcome to contact me for information or directions (It will be held at Tel Aviv’s Lilenblum 25). If you’re like to know more about the electroculture website, contact Noa, our editor. I’m off to go trash that green gooey stuff, all have a joyous day.

*sniff*, *sniff”

could the weather be changing again? Hmm? The box of Sinufed, Advil and Nasal spray lying in my book bag is pointing to a clear yes. Seems like everything is in some state of turbulence, not just the weather. My internet connection, work at the office, people’s moods. I’ve already gotten a few submissions for the header contest, hopefully I’ll be recieving more soon so I can start the contest itself. I need at least 10 submissions to start, so send in your stuff. I’d love to see what you guys come up with, it’s interesting the way that people percieve my site in so many different ways and put it out onto jpeg. If you want to know how the contest is going, make sure to subscribe to the mailing list and keep informed. Anyway, if you were ever wondering what fonts I use for deathstar nebula, you can now download them all at the downloads page. One of the fonts (I won’t tell you which) is very hard to find, so go get downloading. I will also be posting us for download (or download link) some of the programs I use to make this site (blogBuddy and UnFreez), so make sure to check back.

Archeology Today

This afternoon me and a few friends hopped on over to an archeological site by the beach and took some pictures. I’ll have some of the ocean-shots up as soon as I can, in the meantime I posted a shot of Chen & Anat at the restaurant we had lunch in. I’m really sorry I couldn’t post the scenery pictures (my OS popped up some babble about a “short or corrupted JPEG marker”, looks like I’m going to have to download them from the camera again), this afternoon there was a whole bunch of sun and the water underneath the cliff we where standing on gathered in all different sorts of depths, resulting in a rainbow of aquatic colors. I also took some shots of yachts out at sea, and what I could get of our city’s coastline, looking north.
Damn JPEG marker! In the meantime, check out dis piece of fruit!

This is hilarious.

Apparently, my mother has been reading my weblog lately – and found out that I’ve been smoking a pack a day (see last post), knocked on my door and started giving me the third degree. I understand why she doesn’t approve, after all she is my mother, but what makes me laugh that I didn’t come complaining to her when I found out through her blog that my brother was going to be getting cosmetic work done on his teeth, and have one of his teeth yanked out. I realise that there is a vast dirfference between the two, it just amuses me when she knocks on my door with that irritated voice: “I read on your weblog that…”. Welcome to family communication 2002.
On the same subject, since two days ago I decided that I was going to quit smoking, I’ve been cutting down to a quarter of what I was puffing before, and I stopped buying cigarettes altogether. The problem is, even since I cut down I’ve been hungry. Really hungry. I wouldn’t even be able to list the amount of things I’ve eaten thoughout the day, and the only way to keep myself from stuffing my face is going to bed. And that’s what I’m off to do now, right after I go make my mother read this post. *sigh*

Work. You know what they say;

“Live by the NT server, die by the NT server”. Lately I have been working so much at the office, and trying to come up with ideas and essays for a new music-related website I’ve been working on with 7 more friends, I wonder how I even have time to breathe. Not much, actually, since I’ve been smoking a pack a day lately. It has also been turning incredibly cold. We had a few days of sun in TA and then it started hailing again. One of the things I like about being single, is that during the wintertime you have a complete legitimacy to sit around with another bunch of single people and mope about how you don’t have anyone to help you get through the winter, and that’s what I’ve been doing during this sudden freeze-fest. A little moping and a whole bunch of work. I think I should revert back to filing my nails during breaks and reading more of those “choose-your-own-adventure” books. For some reason, the hot topic of the day was schoolwork. I myself, since I have not decided where it’s best for me to go to college, decided to stay out of the conversations and just listen. Turns out that a good amount of 19 year-old girls are acting like they should be hurrying into careers, leaping prematurely into hot water without exploring the complete possibilities that life as a young adult has to offer them. I cannot speak from experience, since the age difference between me and these girls is counted by a matter of months, but the way I see it, these are the years of your life where you have the complete provogative to take life as it hands itself to you, and go with your heart, instead of the dollar rate or the Dow Jones.

…It’s Saturday, again?

Seems like a whole week just fizzed by, since I have been so busy and concentated on various work-related projects, I haven’t even noticed that time was passing. So, what have I been up to during the past week? I’ve gained a little weight (thank goodness), worked my ass off nonstop at the office, tried to settle personal quarrels with no prevail, punched my webcam, lost all my email (see last post) and joined the art community (oh, and my cursor set, Blue Jelly, was selected “Daily Skin”. Whooo!), so if you haven’t visited my art page, please do so, and leave some comments while you’re at it. I’m off to waste my Saturday away, like I always do, and enjoy doing so.

Will you look at that

it’s been 5 hours since my last post, and I’m still at the office. I registered myself for an art page at, there I’ve uploaded what I consider to be the best of my artwork. I’m also going to be uploading a bunch of works that aren’t going to be uploaded to my website, so check out my deviantART page, and feel free to post any comments about anything you run into.

Another Friday at the office.

Listening to Assemblage 23’s “Failure” and sipping “Lime flower and Red Fruit Infusion” LiptonTM tea. Today I have some time to do a tad of bug fixing – straightened out the cells on this page and changed the header font to “Billo Dream” (a secret font I found on font-a-licious). I’ve been doing some shape-ups around here in general, and to my personal computer as well, changed back from geoshell to explorer, after 4 years of use, “deathstarized” my desktop to my website colors and added a nifty deathstar wallpaper, which will be put up for download soon. All this computer/website huggabub that’s been going on lately around here is less the result of boredom and more a result of my little attempt to distract myself from the recent happenings in Israel. It seems like as much as people strive for peace, their ideals change to “peace at any cost” and end up trying to prove themselves to the rest of the world instead of focusing on themselves and their counterparts. As a soldier, I’m deprived the freedom to express my political views in public, so I won’t get into the subject more than I already have, but It’s safe to say that I’m very unhappy with the present situation, and dissapointed in the outcome of things. Back to my personal life, yesterday I got my first filling. At the age of near 20, and I was shaking on the dentist’s chair like a 5-year old. I was so scared, and I was trying to persuade the dentist to let me stick a wad of gum to fill the cavity. She took one look at me, raised her eyebrow, picked up the drill and said “Open wide!”. The whole ordeal took app. 5 minutes, didn’t hurt a bit, It’s prctically unvisible and now I have absolutely no incentive whatsoever to keep my teeth healthy, because I’m not scared of getting a filling anymore. That’s life. Pass the Milk Duds!

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