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Midnight on the Murder Mile – Crafty Digital Brushes

I love doing projects which let me dabble with multiple types of media and include elements which wouldn’t typically be considered “proper tools”. This is what I did a few years ago when I needed a good set of blood drips for a digital drawing I was working on, but couldn’t find a proper set of photoshop brushes. I decided to get crafty instead.

I found a bottle of red nail polish, cleaned off my desk, covered a bunch of stuff in trash bags and started spattering the polish onto a sheet of paper. The following morning, I took the sheet of paper and scanned it in the office scanner, slicing the spatters in photoshop and created digital brushes.

I’ve seen folks do something similar with coffee stains, toilet paper, ink scribbles and newspaper smears. it’s really easy to do!

Creating a skyline in Adobe Illustration, a video tutorial

This is my first video tutorial, so I hope it’s not too stutter-y. If you ever wanted to learn how to create a skyline easily in Illustrator, here’s how to do it! Enjoy.

Creating a skyline in Adobe Illustrator (Beginners) from Liron Tocker on Vimeo.

Happy New Year from Liron!

Happy 2009

I couldn’t have picked a better time for 2008 to finally be over. Here’s to a great 2009!
Feel free to use this image on your website, please link back to

Download wallpaper
Download PSD

Hello again, Zenith (a New Year’s resolution)

In Summer 2004, I created Zenith, an icon set which was an experiment in open-source interface design, released under the GPL. The challenge was to create a unique general-purpose icon set using entirely open-source graphics software and to release it under a creative license. It was designed in Inkscape and edited in The Gimp.

4 and a half years later, Zenith has been downloaded over 76,000 times on DeviantArt and over 63,000 times on It’s been ported to Open Exchange and linked to from the dark corners of the internet.

The reason I am pulling Zenith out of the depths of my archives is that I want to make a resolution for 2009 and hope it’s one you’d be interested in sharing. This resolution is to make a conscious effort to release more design works under creative licenses. This means – more works under the Creative Commons, more works under GPL, more works under the public domain. I like Zenith, not necessarily for it’s design, but for the opportunities it has created both for me and for others around the world.

In 2009, please make an effort to share some of your designs and illustrations so that up and coming designers, open source projects and the internet at large can benefit from your creativity and hard work.

Download Zenith

How to add a “get firefox” site ribbon for IE visitors

Throughout coding this website, the amount of IE-specific CSS hacks I’ve had to resort to has been startling. IE’s (mis)handling of simple margins and padding attributes while adding said attributes in places in which they were not defined is embarrassing. Internet Explorer is a joke. :twisted:

Yesterday’s Freakanalytics disclosed that 25% of my site visitors still use IE. I figured to use IE’s weaknesses to my advantage to add a site ribbon that only IE users will see, urging them to get Firefox. This is what it looks like.

Surprisingly, when deliberately trying to work with IE’s weaknesses instead of against them, this turned out to be rather easy. Here’s what I did:

Start off with a ribbon image or some other image. Mine says “Internet Explorer users, try Mozilla Firefox”, but you can use any text you want. Download the PSD here if you’d like to see how I created mine (public domain). Upload the image to your images folder.

Next, insert the following hack into your CSS file or header:

* html .IE {
(src='', sizingMethod='crop');

The “* html” bit at the beginning is somewhat of a controversial hack, but it works in order to make sure that browsers other than IE ignore this styling, since they don’t support this command. The “filter:progid:” bit at the bottom is an IE tweak to make sure that IE6 supports the PNG transparency of the image. Make sure to replace the URL in the code to the path of your image. Please make sure that the last two lines of this code (“filter:progid” and “(src”) do not break as above – I needed to break the javascript into two lines so it wouldn’t break my blog in this post.

Next, insert the following code within your page’s body tags. I recommend putting it straight after the body tag opens:

<div class="IE" onclick="'');"></div>

That’s it! I’m sure there are alternative ways to do this, but as I’ve said before: “I’m a designer, Jim, not a developer!” :D

Please post any alternative methods in the comments.

Edit: Aleks recommends using this method instead.

Mobile Wallpaper for the Disgruntled

My 5 minutes with Photoshop just solved one of your least favorite debates. Nothing says “Pwned” more than Helvetica with the capslock on.

Standard 240×320
Mobile Wallpaper for the Disgruntled Mobile Wallpaper for the Disgruntled Mobile Wallpaper for the Disgruntled

Standard 320×240
Mobile Wallpaper for the Disgruntled Mobile Wallpaper for the Disgruntled Mobile Wallpaper for the Disgruntled

iPhone (320×480)
Mobile Wallpaper for the Disgruntled Mobile Wallpaper for the Disgruntled Mobile Wallpaper for the Disgruntled

Full set on Flickr
Mobile Wallpaper for Social Networking Fans
(More) Mobile Wallpaper for Social Networking Fans

Downloadable template for creating MOO business cards

My MOO cards arrived the other day, and I was so thrilled with the outcome that I decided to post and share the template I made.

You can download this template for use in Photoshop (PSD) or any graphics program (JPG). The dimensions are exact and include 5mm inner margins (photoshop guides) for easily positioning of content (don’t forget to remove the grey border layer when you’re done, otherwise it’ll come out in your print). Share freely and enjoy!

PSD (Photoshop and compatible)
JPG (Any graphic application)

If you like this template, please share it with others.

*Note: Moo’s default business card backs are vertical. This template is horizontal, however you can use the template easily enough for a vertical design by flipping it sideways in your graphics program.

*Note2: No graphics app installed? Try The Gimp, it’s free!

DISCLAIMER: Use this template at your own risk. I shall not be held responsible for borked business cards or oogly cards due to lack of design talent.

(More) Mobile wallpaper for social networking fans

Thanks everybody for the great feedback on my Mobile wallpaper for social networking fans, per request I’ve added a few more to the Flickr photoset.

Mobile Wallpaper 2.0 Mobile Wallpaper 2.0 Mobile Wallpaper 2.0 Mobile Wallpaper 2.0

Feel free to add in any requests you may have!

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