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The Lironcast Podcast: (Almost) Live from Germany

Felix and I are proud to announce the temporary comeback of the Lironcast Podcast – a special edition, half an hour of talk radio from our little apartment in Hamburg, Germany. In this edition we talk about sightseeing in Germany, mishaps while working as a network engineer, the situation in Israel, makeup for geeks and SHEEP.

Download this special episode here

The cat is out of the bag.

Where’s Liron? Where’s her Podcast? Who stole my underwear? Who moved my cheese?

Hold on to your hats – this is now official enough for me to be able to annouce in public, and explain exactly where I’ve been. In the past few months I’ve had a major change in my life, met an amazing man and in March I am going to hop over a few borders so I can move in with him. As you can imagine, I’ve been largely occupied by this in the past few months and haven’t really managed to dedicate any “brain space” to anything having something remotely connected to my website, my email, or my caffeine or cigarette consumption (honestly).

What does this mean towards my podcast? It’s on haitus at the moment. I might release a few more short clips before I move, but I wouldn’t suggest you hold your breath. As for when it will become active again, you will all know when I will, so feel free to keep being subscribed to the feed.

A few new exciting things are in the works, though, like a new domain and online portfolio ( will remain active), a ton of new drawings that need to be and will be uploaded soon, and finally a reason to update the “travel diaries” category.

Mid-march is when I am leaving, and “setting up shop” in Hamburg, Germany. Feel free to send me good luck and bon voyage cards (yes, please!) to:
Liron Tocker
PO Box 94
Herzlia 46100

I’ll update you all on the developments, it’s going to be a wild ride, so stick around.

By the way: (Edit Dec 27th, 14:40pm)
Come holiday season, there is an increasing number of websites which are hot-linking to images located on my server (especially the tweenteen sites myspace and xanga). Now that the holidays are over, please note that I will not tolerate this hot-linking monkey business, and I will hunt you down and deface your site by changing around the images on my server. If you do not believe me, just check out this site. You’ve been warned, save images to your own server or feel the wrath of my internet presence.

Lironcast Podcast 2005/10/26 – PoDWAR the MOVIE

Lironcast Podcast #15 is live! This week I talk about podcasting and free speech, social browsing, 3D computing, video gaming vintage rodeo and PoDWAR!!! (read like: MANOWAR!!!)

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the desktop…

Here are the showlinks for this weeks show:
Dave’s post about free speech in podcasting
Harry and Ziva in Ha’aretz! Mad props!
Flock, the social browser
The Bubble Project
Uncle Nagy’s House
Project Looking Glass LiveCD
Yahoo! Podcasts
3D Holographic displays
Video game timeline
Computers + Movies don’t mix
BeelineTV international television
gMail, get your gMail!

Podsafe music for this week:
Harvey Danger / Song women and wine (Thanks to freddie for the heads up)

My rediculous Tshirt:

Podcast (slightly) delayed

Due to the fact that my computer has halted my ability to use the internet, I cannot get my Podcast up on time this week. Hopefully this will be sorted out by next week or I’ll bash the modem against the wall.

Lironcast Podcast 2005/10/05 – Hooray the Film Show!

Lironcast Podcast #14 is live! This week I talk about movie and DVD related thingstuffs, Coffee, Ye Olde digital manuscripts and how to have your website’s design get completely fux0rd.

Here are the showlinks for this weeks show:
Ryan, directed by Chris Landreth
Primer, directed by Shane Carruth
Fix my computer and score a free pasta dinner!
Alber Einstein’s manuscripts online for that daily fuel intake
Top 10 webdesign mistakes of 2005
Better webdesign through typetester
Microsoft screws us all with one-time DVD (NOW DEBUNKED) handmade gifts

Podsafe music for this week:
The Decemberists – We Both Go Down Together (live)

Lironcast Podcast 2005/09/28 – Back on the Air

Lironcast Podcast #13 is live! You all get to hear me boast about my new computer and talk about things like DVD linux playback, 3D modeling, self-studying, microscopic robot toys and how to make your computer do anything and everything with LiveCDs.

Here are the showlinks for this weeks show:
MIT OpenCourseware
The ups and downs of DeCSS
The History of the Blender application
The Blender Homepage
Alias Wavefront Maya’s “fake or foto” quizthing
Samsung ad for 3G phone (disable your popup blocker)
Microscopic robot toys you can’t see!
Webdesign cheat sheets for happy pleasure good time multi-protocol web messenger
The great linux LiveCD list
Opera is now free (again)
Free gmail invites! Clicky clicky!

Podsafe music for this week:
Yoav Erez and Bend – It’s all Good

No Podcast again today :(

So, I had my new computer all set up and ready, with glorious shownotes a’plenty. But a few hours ago by computer decided it didn’t want anything to do with my sound card, which means no podcast until it’s fixed. I will record and upload the podcast the moment the sound card is working again (or rather, until the OS is more agreeable with the driver – there’s actually nothing wrong with the card), regardless of if it is or isn’t on schedule.

Don’t give up on me yet, folks!

No podcast for YOU!

Due to the untimely demise of my computer, there will be no podcast today. Thank you for your support and understanding and we hope to be back with our normal schedule within the upcoming weeks.

In the meantime, here’s a penguin:

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