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Pretty pictures don’t make an app – how Wunderlist mistakes GFX for UX.

I haven’t blogged in a really long time out of extreme lazy, so it was bound to take something I feel very strongly about in order to change this. It just so happens that I care enough about user interfaces in order to break this vow of silence. It hurts when beautiful applications are shipped with terrible interaction design.

To-do list app Wunderlist is an example for a pretty application which ignores user experience. I’ve been playing around with it in the past few days on the Mac and have grown to like it’s simple, to-the-point functionality. Unfortunately, key parts of the UI are so terribly convoluted – Wunderlist is far from being as intuitive as it should be. I’ve compiled a list of the UI quirks which makes Wunderlist so awkward on the Mac OS desktop. aspiring app designers, take note: ignore user experience at your own peril.

I’ll list these from 7 (least annoying) to 1 (omg-what-are-they-smoking):

7) Wunderlist’s title bar does not cap the application content

Title bar does not cap the application content

Besides giving an overall “unfinished” impression, this makes it less clear where the title ends and the app begins, thus it is less clear which parts of the header area are draggable around the desktop.

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Zenith – now in the Public Domain

I am releasing the “Zenith” icon set under the public domain. This means you can do whatever you’d like with it – share, modify, redistribute – without any restrictions (read about public domain).

Zenith was an experiment of mine in open source interface graphics, created in late 2005 and originally released under the GPL. The project was created entirely and exclusively with open source graphic tools (Inkscape and Gimp).

Download the Zenith icon set here (Preview it)


Music videos in Technicolor

A small compilation of music videos I like due to their creative use of brightly colored imagery.

Yeasayer “ONE” By: Radical Friend from ODDBLOOD on Vimeo.

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Behind the print: Hamburg Crest

A little homage to my 2nd favorite city (second only to Tel Aviv, of course), I enjoyed working on this design which I feel does it’s bit to embody the grace and warmth (not in temperature, of course) of the city of Hamburg.

Each shirt is € 32.90, tote is € 19.90.
15% off all T shirts until Jan 22nd! Coupon code NEUJAHRSHIRTS.

Midnight on the Murder Mile – Crafty Digital Brushes

I love doing projects which let me dabble with multiple types of media and include elements which wouldn’t typically be considered “proper tools”. This is what I did a few years ago when I needed a good set of blood drips for a digital drawing I was working on, but couldn’t find a proper set of photoshop brushes. I decided to get crafty instead.

I found a bottle of red nail polish, cleaned off my desk, covered a bunch of stuff in trash bags and started spattering the polish onto a sheet of paper. The following morning, I took the sheet of paper and scanned it in the office scanner, slicing the spatters in photoshop and created digital brushes.

I’ve seen folks do something similar with coffee stains, toilet paper, ink scribbles and newspaper smears. it’s really easy to do!

Creating a skyline in Adobe Illustration, a video tutorial

This is my first video tutorial, so I hope it’s not too stutter-y. If you ever wanted to learn how to create a skyline easily in Illustrator, here’s how to do it! Enjoy.

Creating a skyline in Adobe Illustrator (Beginners) from Liron Tocker on Vimeo.

T Shirt preview: Paint CMYK


This was a fun shirt to design – I love working with strong color and am a closet graffiti fan. This shirt will be printed on “distressed look” shirts, so they’ll have a used, retro feel to them. Long live the 80’s!

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I can has swanky T shirt preview?


I almost forgot how much fun designing T shirts was. I remember that back when I was designing shirts for Plazma in Tel Aviv, I was always complaining to my boss that we weren’t producing any women’s shirt or jackets. I’m excited about this small personal project of mine, because it allows me to design shirts which I can make in women’s sizes, too – so most of the designs I’m going to be selling in the shop are going to come in women’s S-L alongside men’s S-XXL.

You’re going to have to excuse me for the geeky motives above – the project is going to be full of them. Brownie points to whoever picked up the the shirt on the right sports a 286 – the first computer I ever used. :)

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