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Thymian is looking for a new, loving home


Thymian (Timmy) is a beautiful European Shorthair who joined our household in July of this year. He’s friendly, loving and very sweet. Unfortunately, we cannot take care of him any longer – his relationship with our other cat, Salbei, ist very strained. Neither cats are happy with the current situation, it is likely that Thymian would do far better as a single cat in a household.

We’re looking for someone with a big heart and a (yet) cat-less house to take Thymian in. He is around 10 years old and has a chronic kidney condition; with the right diet he will live several more years. He is neutered, de-wormed and is chipped.

If you are patient, have a big heart, love cats and can give Thymian care and attention as an only cat in your household, please consider adopting him. We fear that if we cannot find him a home and will have to return him to the shelter, they will not be able to support his kidney condition.

We would like to find him a new home as soon as possible. We can give him to you with paperwork from the Tierheim Süderstraße and a modest supply of food suitable for cats with kidney conditions.

Please come visit us in the Schanze to meet Thymian. Contact me (Liron) any time at to arrange a meeting. I can also be contacted on Twitter.

Make your own sea salt scrub

Every time I make a visit to LUSH I am reminded how much fun it is to make your own cosmetics. Here’s a really easy one you can make at home on your own with few ingredients and little time.

You will need:

Optional ingredients:


Step 1: Mix the wet ingredients

Place the sauce pan on very low heat and mix the wet ingredients, starting with the olive and coconut oils.

step 1

Step 2: Cool and add sea salt

Take off of the heat and allow to cool for an hour. Mix in the sea salt until it looks like apple sauce.

Step 2a

Step 2b

Step 3: Store in container and use within a week

Depending on the ingredients you use, your scrub will be more or less perishable. Adding lavender oil increases the scrub’s shelf life, adding fresh ingredients like mashed avocados or fresh juice will decrease the shelf life of your scrub significantly. Use up your scrub in under a week!

Step 3

Ideas and tips

  • If you’d like to use food coloring to dye your scrub, leave out ingredients like olive oil, which have a strong color. Instead, use oils like coconut oil, shea butter and cocoa butter.
  • Store the container in the fridge for a longer lasting (and more resfreshing!) scrub
  • Use your scrub after soap n’ rinse, not before. Rise scrub off with only water and pat dry with a towel for super soft and moisturized skin!

We’re hiring an Art Director!

We’re hiring an Art Director over at Intosite, the small-ish web company (about 50 people) I’ve been working for as Creative Lead since February of this year. Intosite creates digital products primarily for the Ganske Verlagsgruppe, which includes brands such as PRINZ, Merian and Der Feinschmecker. Our most recent project was reconceptualizing and relaunching PRINZ as a digital brand.

We’re looking for someone with strong aesthetic skills who loves the internet, gets excited about interfaces and cares about users. You’d be doing lots of layout work (both in terms of visuals and interaction), and will have a huge stake in concept design and user experience. You’ll be working closely with developers and product owners in a comfortable and friendly environment (we even work agile!).

If you’ve got experience, ideas you’d like to implement, if you like working with others and see yourself being an integral part of a project team, we can offer you an environment in which you can both learn and inspire others (there’s also cake, no lie).

Check out the “official” Job Offer and contact us using the email address at the end of the page or contact me directly.

T-Shirt of the day

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…and we’re back

After a short haitus, is back. Thanks Felix for fixing my poor, aching wordpress!

The mysterious door to nowhere in Herzliya

One of the oddest things I’ve seen around the neighborhood and certainly the most bizarre since back in Israel on holiday. When visiting a friend’s new flat this afternoon, I took a look at the view from her parking lot and couldn’t believe my eyes:

Door to nowhere.

Looks like someone dropped a door into the cement mix.
That, or the architect had a bizarre obsession with the Winchester Mystery House.

My “review” of Tel Aviv on Qype

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Tel Aviv is not what you think it is.
Full stop.

Tel Aviv is an amazing, culturally diverse, colorful and happening city, nicknamed "The city that never sleeps" by it’s locals. It’s hard to take this city as a whole and provide generalizations which would define it – within itself, Tel Aviv is incredibly multi-faceted city and a feast for the eyes and senses.

The city of Tel Aviv is broken down into a lot of smaller neighborhoods. I spent a lot of time during my post-teenage years working and partying in the center of the city, which includes most of the landmarks Tel Aviv is famous for, including it’s beaches. There’s lots to see and lots to do regardless of your fields of interest. Tel aviv should be a great destination for families with children as well as the older crowd or young party-goers.

The harbor area is famous for it’s nightlife and Tel Aviv’s "Shibuya" intersection of King George, Allenby and Shenkin streets provide the young-n-hip shopping district it’s flair. Some say Shenkin St. is the center of the world, sometimes I agree – one walk up and down this street and you experience the colors and cultures of Tel Aviv. Travel a little bit north and you’ll discover Tel Aviv’s Museum of Art (see separate review) and the Eretz Israel History Museum, as well as Yarkon Park (the largest in central israel), Sporthek and fairgrounds.

The Tel-Avivians are a generally liberal and talkative bunch, don’t be alarmed if some locals strike up a conversation with you while waiting for the light to turn at the crosswalk (if they wait in order to cross, that is).

Public transportation to and from Tel Aviv is good and is excellent inside the city – however parking spots are rare. If you’re visiting, worry not as all street signs are also in English, all the locals speak English and you’ll find English menus for almost every restaurant.

Avoid Winter in Tel Aviv. It’ll rain up to your knees and street-level drainage isn’t superb. Avoid the height of Summer, too. You’ll be boiling in 40c+ and will have to elbow your way through the rest of the tourists trying to get out of the sun.

Recommended months: April – Early July, September – October.

Insider’s tip: Public transportation in Israel is charged on a per-ride basis and not by destination. Ask the bus driver for a day pass ("chofshi yomi")for your needed zone and you’ll save a good amount of money.

Check out my review of Tel Aviv – I am liron – on Qype

Happy birthday to me!

Birthday Pictochat on the Nintendo DS

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